Saturday, June 18, 2011

Days off are such a blessing

Hey ya'll!

So I finally finished up my 10 day straight work week. It actually went by pretty quickly. I guess when your job isn't overly stressful and you have some nice people around you to help keep you happy, then the days don't drag by.

My days off were pretty relaxing really. Day one I hung out with Joey (who said I could write his name here :P) until he had to go to work. I got to see what Team Disney was like, so that was cool. :P It' a pretty impressive building with lots of interesting architectual additions, but what is inside it, isn't exactly very exciting! haha
After that we walked around Downtown Disney and ended up at probably one of my fav places there - Ghiradelli's! Yuuum. :) Love their thickshakes...

Once Joey was at work wondered around Hollywood for a while. The parades are so annoying! They always get in the way when you are trying to get somewhere. This is especially true with the Electrial Parade which is so LONG with such HYPNOTISING music!

I decided to head over to Magic Kingdom one I had explored the Studos a bit. I was going to get a bus to the TTC (transport and ticketing center) bu then I relised it would be so much faster if I just gota busto the Contemporary and then walked to MK from there! :)

MK was fun (obviouly a little lonsome, but I guess it meant I could do whatever I wanted). I had a great time falling in love again with my camera. I remembered how much I missed it. <3
I managed to do a lot of rides and even watched Wishes (and caught the tail end of Magic Memories and You) which of course is still as magical as ever.

Then I had a little adventure getting back to the Studios (no buses went there snce it was closed, so I went to Boardwalk and then attempted to walk form there whilst watching out for Alligators and getting a fright form my own shadow...). Once I was there I felt gross and decided a shower sounded amazing. Except I found out the I prefer the Epcot showers because they have a place to put your belongings...
...and no, I didn't have a towel with me. I was creative (and probabl cave woan like, but I don't care) and used paper towels to dry myself haha. XD

When Joey had finised work we went to Applebees where the music was too loud but the food was good. :) Mhhhmm Spinach and Artichoke dip!!!! ...and half price after 10pm! woo!

...The next day I slept in! (yay!!!) ....and then I went to Universal with ma roomie and her friends. IT was aweosme. Especially the waterrides where we got wonderfully drenched on the hot day. :P

We didn't quite manage to do both parks because the weather caved in. :/ ...but that was okay because we went to Margaritaville! I had a wildberry daquiri (and asked for vodka instead of rum because Kimmie is not so much a rum fan!). It was pretty awesome.
The food there is surprisingly good too. Oh, and the entertainment was definately...dfferent. XD

The weather turned really bad (hail and thunderstorms) but it was super wonderful when I got home because I was so tied and my bed looked like heaven.

However, before I let myself crash I kne hd to tak care of my Uni Hall problem. As in, try to fgure out how to get the payment through (which was halved since the guy found out I am not infact an intenational student -.-') when I didn't know my password. It took AGES but eventually they believed I was me and the payment was done. WOO! I am not homeless!! ;)

In other news...
I just saw pics from one of my friend's FB profiles(she went on a Mediterranean cruise), and it made me REALLY want to go to Europe.
That continent is like the big beautiful unknown to me. It looks so beautiful!!

I tell ya! The plan is to go to IRELAND after I finish my degree - and Bri etc are totally coming!!! ...then after...or possibly on another trip, I am exploring EUROPE!!!!

OKay. Better start getting ready for work! I am FOH today and then the rest of the week I am pretty much stocking and have MORNING shifts (shock, horror)

Love and miss ya'll!


p.s - Bri your letter rocked. My roomie was so jealous ;) haha


  1. Heya! Glad you're doing ok :)

    Lol, I thought you'd have found the parades interesting...

    Now that you have your camera back, can you take lots of photos, please! :D

    That sure was creative! XD You could've wiped most of the water off, then dried yourself with the paper towels instead, but at least you didn't stand there using the hand-dryer XP

    Sounds like you could use some earplugs at Applebees.

    Yay for sleep ins! :D I'll need some when the holidays come...

    I'm glad you got the Uni Hall sorted - silly them, thinking you were an international student XP ... Glad you got your bank payment sorted too :)

    Hmmm, I'd like to go to France and Spain, but it'd prob be quite expensive... Europe would be a lovely place to go though :)

    Ttyl :)

    ~Richard :)

  2. Expensive uyes but is it worth it...? Yuuuuup. ;)

    ..I did take lots of pics, just haven't upoaded them yet...

  3. Haha, yeah it'd be worht it... Though I'd be paying for it long into the following future :/