Friday, October 1, 2010

Halloween Horror Nights

Hey ya'll

Yesterday was fun. Gad I managed to get it off. Especially since it meant my Horror Nights tickets didn't go to waste!

I woke up pretty late because well, I could. ..and after all the late nights sleeping in is good. :P (eg. I went to Latin night on tuesday and danced til about 2am :) )

I didn't really have any plans set, but when one of my friends txted me back I was excited because I hadn't seen him in ages and there was lots to catch up on! Sorry Michael for ditching you but you prolly had better guy time without me anyway. ;) haha

So we went to pick up some of his friends and had a bit of an adventure, especially since th plan was to go have lunch and we didn't end up doing that for several hours. XD
When we eventually did eat lunch it was at this place called Panera. It was kind of pricey but it had nice food. It was the first sandwich I had eaten in the SA that really tasted awesome and similar to something you might get at a Wishbone in NZ.

When we had finished eating my friend sggested a walk, so we walked around te corner, and that's when I found out we were at Millenia Mall! I was quite excited. :P haha. Man that place is posh!

After, my friend had to do some things and then we just hung out at his place (he showed me pictures etc) until it was time to leave. A good coincidence was that my friend's flatmates work at Horror Nights so I just got a ride there with them. :)

Horror Nights looked scarier than it really was. I mean yes, some thins gave me frights, but nothing was really scary. The things that concerned the the most were the people with chainsaws who went up to people and turnedthem on. Yes, REAL chainsaws. I was like - it's that a bit unsafe!?

Horror Nghts wasn't exactly how I expected. They do a pretty good job, but I didn't realise that it was just a bunch of horror houses that you walk through and a few shows. I wouldn't go by yourself though...

My fav was prolly one called Hades, because it was the best decorated and most believable IMO.
Best frights of the night were:
-->When there were a group of employees dressed as soldiers lined up and some sargent person was talking to them. I wasn't paying attention and then suddenly they all turn around with their chainsaws! We were right behind then ad I tell you I got such a fright!

-->When we went through Hades for a 2nd time. We were at the very beginnngand there was smoke. I usully can see the people or the place where peole jump out before they do so, but this time I couldn't see. This person jumped out of me and I screamed. They got me a good one.

--> I was walking out of one of the last Horror Houses. That means the attraction is over, but there was someone standing around the corner, not even part of the attraction, who jumped out and scared me! I guess I wasn't expcting it so it shocked me. :P

I was glad that we managed to do all the Horror Houses and one show plus Hades twice and the Mummy ride. :) Since we came 2 hours late I was afraid we woudn't be able to do everything, but luckily it was a non-peak night so the longest wait was 30mins!

Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera with me last night. That was because my plan was disrupted making me forget about it. It was a good disruption, but I guess I have to just go by memory...

First day working Food and Wine Festival today! ...and it's the first offcal day of the event for guests! Hopefully it's not hectic? I don't even know were I am yet. Darn not existing. It still has its after effects. The next lot of schedules better be normal. -.-

So much to know.. :/ I hope I will be okay...

Hope you all have a magical day!


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  1. Yay for dancing! Haha those frights you got are kinda funnuy :P