Tuesday, August 31, 2010

24 hours in 2 days?

So basically I just worked one -entire- day and then slept the other. haha.

I was scheduled a double shift on Sunday, at Carribbean Beach. That was ok. I mean it was tiring, but I knew I could sleep in a little since work the next day didn't start until 11.30am.

It was a middle shift which was weird because I've not been scheduled for one yet. I was supposed to finish at 6pm, but then I go asked to see the manager. He explained that people had called in sick, and asked if I could extend.

I was quite tired, but thought I shuld be helpful and do a few more hours. I asked until when, and he said midnght! lol! Ok, how about you just tack on another entire shift?
Reluctantly, I said I would, because I like to help out (I had already been moved to a different work station so I knew we were short staffed) and overtime is always good. The only thing that really swayed me though, was that I had the next 2 days off!

The shift was pretty boring since it was so slow. However, when my cast member friend joined me we had such a good time. We were singing and dancing(well as much as we could safely near a pizza oven) and we drew magical things on the pizza boxes. :P It was awesome. :P

To give an example of the slowness of tonight though, usually in the last 1/2 hour you get lots of pizza orders (at least 10?) a people decide they want pizza at the last minute. However I only got 1! Made cleaning easier though :P

...my fav clinary finished at the same time as me so we got the same bus and he walked me to my apartment which was cuuuute. I love a gentleman any day! So crazy how he lives basically in the apartment block next to mine too!

Going back to the day before, I was put on breakfast in the morning. Which gave me a fright because I had no idea how to DO breakfast! I didn't even know what we SOLD for breakfast!
However, one of the managers seemed to have faith that I would be fine.
....and after an express 30 or so minutes of learning everything, I was pretty much OK. I was doing Bounty Platters by myself, and kids platters and egg platters .. I was quite impressed with my memory ability. :D
Breakfast went by pretty quick, since there were a lot of people.

My evening shift that day was at Broiler. I had one cast member wanting to swap with me. It was tempting because of the situation (some people I am not a fan of workig with) but Broiler is my fav and you hardly get put there, so I didn't want to give it away!
It turned out the evening went pretty well. I breaked a girl in delhi, and a nice hour break and had fun with the culinary guy. So many culinary at Carribbean are awesome. ;)

Today I plan to relax, go shopping (I need some new iPod headphones becuase mine decided to die on me :( plus shopping therapy is always good for the soul hehe), washing and then later go dancing!!
Wooooooo. :D

So excited for that. I haven't latin danced in agesss. Hopefully it will be good! :D

I'm off to wash my hair and enjoy my day off!
(ya'll are thinking - wait, didn't she already have 2 days of a few das ago? This is true, but it's because my days off always change!!!)

Tomorrow it's Typhoon Lagoon, with an ever growing group of Carribbean cast members....who miraculously have the same day off...?! ...should be fun! Wish I had a better swimsuit though :(



  1. Awesome! Yay for Latin dancing. Do some salsa for me :P

  2. omg I did!!!
    I will write abotu it in the next entry :P