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I have been lazy lately when it comes to putting pics up -- and this is because there are just SOOO many! They take ages to load (oh my goodness dial up speed is not funny XD )

A quick update. (I will put more pics up sooon when I have time - promise!)

Universal was fun. ....the 3hour trip to get home, not so much. haha.

In the Harry Potter section I ate at the 3 Broomsticks (can't believe they offer fish and chips..) and bought a Hermione wand (yay for disconts! hehe).

I enjoyed getting to check out a little of the Universal park before it closed too. :) The Rip RockIT coaster is pretty interesting. Would be better if it didn't shake your head around so much though! ....the beginning - going up vertically, I was impressed with though!

I went on the Shrek movie thing. I was very confused to begin with (is this a ride, a moie or soemthing else...?) but it was an ok attraction. Prolly wouldn't bother doing it again though.
I was sad that the park closed so early for Horror Nights. ..but at least with my annual pass I could come back. :)
I got the jist that there really weren't that many awesome rides at Universal though. :/

I had to find a first aid place at one point because my finger had a chunk out of it. I don't know how it happened but it was full of lovely puss, so I didn't want it getting worse. ..of course the people in the first aid place treated me like I was a baby.
It's my finger and you can think its pathetic all you like but I don't care. I like to have a fully functioning kimmie. ;) hehe

My 3 hour excursion home was random. Not only had I encountered some guy earlier on in the day who wanted to hang out with me/make friends (creepy or just being nice?), but on the 2nd bus ride I encountered a guy from Morocco who also wanted to make friends with me. :/
Now, my guard was up, but you know how you want to give people the benefit of the doubt? Well, I didn't give them any info (the moroccan dude wanted my email addie but I wasn't happy with giving that), but I talked to them both as if I wasn;t suspicious.

I don't know, what do ya'll think? How do you tell if people are being nice or if they are being creepy or if they are trying to hit on you? Because seriously, I can't tell if people are drunk or just bubbly, so I def can't tell what some people's intentions are!
....and I wasn't really 'hit on' in NZ so it's kind of a shock to the system and I find it weird that guys would actually be interested in me. I am like, why me? What about everyone else around me? know?

..anyway. So I have to catch 3 buses to get home. They took forever. That, and when I *finally* got to Downtown Disney the bus broke down. Sigh. -.- Not cool. I got home eventually. ...and then I went to bed.

Friday I was opening Ireland. I love having the afternoons off. Ok, youhave to sacrifice the getting up early thing, but it's worth it to be able to go home in the afternoon. :)
In fact it is also good because one of my co-workers has the same shift as me on a friday. we decided to hang out. :)

Luckily I had bought a change of clothes with me, so I was able to have a shower. ...but I forgot a towel. It was lucky though that I had thought of that in the morning and asked my co-worker if I could borrow one. :)

So after we showered (which was a weird experience - the drain was a hole. Safety risk?! Anyone could crock their ankle on that thing!) we headed to Hollywood Studios.

Before the park closed we managed to go on the main rides and entertained ourselves with overpriced food and drink (it was good though...).
When the park closed we decided to go to Steak and Shake (the place has awesome shakes!!). I love that he has a car. Man things are so much more convenient that way!

We enjoyed that (except for one of the shakes which was too gluggy and made my friend feel sick.. -and the funny thing was I was served by the same dude as last time and out in the same seat!) and then came back to my apartment. There we watched a movie called Whip It (directed by Drew Barrymore). It was kind of entertaining, but helped pass the time. My friend wanted to go and see Saw 3D [final chapter] but it was late and I was tired. I also knew I couldn't sleep in the next morning and therefore needed some sleep.

Not that it really mattered because we saw it the next day anyway. XD ...yes, after work on Saturday, the crazy busy day, we went to Saw 3D.
Now, I actually hadn't seen any of the other Saw movies, but was hoping I could get the picture. ....not that I would have willingly chosen to go to a movie with such a title if my friend didn't want to go. :/

The movie was pretty gruesome. It wasn't overly frightful, just gory. I thought it ended well though. Which is a good thing. It would suck to watch all those movies and be let down with a terrible ending. XD

Sunday, the 31st= Halloween! Not that it was overly exciting. I did some laundry and slept in and then went to work.
However, it was a super slow day (I did wonder why anyone would want to come to Epcot on Halloween...) and I pre-closed so that I got off work 45mins early! Woo!

I had all these people asking if I was going to House of Blues(aks "HOB"). I really didn't like the Sunday at Hob that I went to once so I wasn't that keen, but if worse came to worse I would go just so I didn't have to sit home on Halloween!

I was in Greece today and when I looked across I saw a cast member who I thought might have plans after work. So I called him on the nextel (which was amusing, and the other people in the kiosk seemed kind of confused/intrigued by what I was doing...) and he said he'd grab my number after work...
...and so he did.

When he mentioned plans to see Paranormal Activity 2 I was like, meh. I guess. Like Saw, it's not one I would go and see if I was to choose, but I wanted company and something to do! So I got the bus home (miscommunication... ) and had a 10min turnaround! Yes. That's right! I had a shower and got ready in that time! Go me!

The movie was kinda boring to be honest. It had its fright moments (like a loud bang that makes you jump) but most of the movie I was trying hard not to fall asleep! When I had the first movie explained to me and I put the pieces together after the movie, it kind of made more sense and seemed smarter. ...but it still wasn't a very entertianing movie. They could have done a much better job.

...but anyway. It is 1.25am on NOVEMBER 1. ...woo! It's November. Awesome.
That means all the Christmas stuff will start happening soon. :D I can't wait to see everything decorated for one thing!

I bought some fun things on Amazon today. an underwater camera (for the cruise, yay!) and Taylor Swift's new albulm (love!!!!) as well as her christmas one. So excited. ^_^

Then of course there is Louisiana this month! 11 days! WoooOOOO!
Can't wait. :D

....I am still freaking a little though because the pre-approved time off that they cancelled and are working on getting back for me, isn't confirmed. ....the manager person is apparantly working on it but whn i ask they don't have anything to say to me. :( Boo. I gave over a months warning about it. It better be fixed. I will not be happy if I get points on my record for this.

Well since I am awake I will post a few pics on another post.
This one is too long. :P


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