Monday, October 18, 2010

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

...I haven't seen that movie in ages. So I got it out from the Vista pavillion and watched it. It was somuch better than I remembered! The music was good but it wasn't totally unrealistic either.

This morning I was woken up because the apartment inspection people were here. I was in in my pjs. lol
We passed but we did't get a White Glove because of our shower (which was stained befoe we got here so we weren't happy) and our oven (which wasn't even dirty). They are so picky and it kind of irritates me. I mean do they expect us to be maids or something? At least they left us shortbread. But honestly this place looks very clean.

Work the past few days has been ok.
I had a really long tiring shift on saturday (which is the busiest day). I was orignally in Greece, but was very happy to be moved. I've decided that Greece is my least fav pavillion. It's too hot and I don't like how it is set out.

Guess where I was moved? Ireland. :) Yay! Except it was nearly a 10hour shift and I was on register for about 95% of it! That meant I stood in one place. The line was MASSIVE. We didn't get any break in it the whooole day! We had 4 registers going. It was crazy.

Yesterday I was also scheduled for Greece, but luckily I was once again moved! :D This time it was to Champagne and Dessets. :)
I'm such a pro at opening champagne bottles now!

The eality of the situation, and it's irony, hitme yesterday.
Isn't it crazy how I can touch an handle as much alcohol as I want at the Food and Wine Festival, bit if I'm even caught holding an alchoholic beverage for someone here at Vista I can be terminated! How crazy is that?

Then after work I managed to get a ride home which was nice. It was the same group as last time I got a ride. There's this one guy who can do an awesome Irish accent and tells me that I giggle a lot. haha. :P

When I got back I then got ready to go out again! I went to see what Sunday at House of Blues is like. I didn't like the music very much (it didn't really have lyrics and was too repetitive) and it was very crowded. I got stepped on several times. But it was a good experince I guess. Can't say I want to go again though. At least tuesdays has good music...

Today I am meant to be in Chile. Last time I actually stayed in Chile, so maybe that will be the case today...?

A shift dcame up to work in Aussie on thursday. But do I really want to forfeit my day off? I mean I guess if I want to go on a cruise at some point I need to save, but I do like having days off. :/ Hmmm.

Oh - and I gave the days that I need of to oe of te nice managers and he is goign to try and work soemthing out so that I hve those days off and can go to New Orleans! Since I've had the plane tickets or ages I would not be happy if I end up with shifts thatI can't do - esp since I got them pre-approved ages ago. Gah. That is such an annoying rule and I personally think they need to come up with a better system so that they don't dishonour things.
Crossing fingers that it works out!

Ayone else think that Keith Urban and Tim Mcgraw are awesome, by the way? I love their style of country. :) Then again I kind of did fall in love with country from the moment I first heard it in the USA a few years ago!

I'm gonna go do some things before work. :)

Have a great day readers!


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