Thursday, October 21, 2010

Animals and adventures

Hello readers!

I have ben meaning to post the past few days but each time I try to Idon't have enough time!
So, now I do!

Wednesday in my class for security we had a guest speaker.t was kinda interesting, but seriously irrelevant to my life. :P Not that many of the courses here would really be helpful to my uni life,but I shall persist! Even if it is just for the Mouseters!!

After class I wanted to DO something. Since I can't really do much before class I figure that I can make up for that by adventuring after!

So I managed to get a hold of Michael(trusty steed haha) and after much indeision and differeces of opiion I managed to dragb him onto the A bus. ...which goes to the Magic Kingdom. My intention was notto go to the MAgic Kingdom, I wanted to resort hop, but we ended up gong to the MK!
Well, it wasn't a Mickey's Not So Scary day, so the park was open 2 extra hours. Therefore we played for about 3 hours. We got fastpasses (crazy enough they were still avaliable - but it was a non-peak time so maybe that's why) and went on our fav rides. ...I got the wettest I have ever gotten on splash mountain. It as crazy. I was soaked!

We got to watch Wishes (missed the start though, whch I was sad about - but anyway I will do that another time!) which I hadn't seen in years. I love that fireworks show. :)

Thursday I was excited to go to Animal Kingdom. I had only been there once and hadn't had enough time to soak up the atmosphere.

Unfortunately he trusty steed was sick, so I had to go alone.
No matter though. I had a really fun day. :)

I bought some different foods(like a pork and shrimp roll) and enjoyed the pretty landscaping. The landscape kind of reminds me of NZ. It is very pretty.

I went on Everest multiple times because I got fastpasses plus got to be in the single riders line. :P hehe. The ride is pretty cool. But not as thrilling as I would have liked.

I enjoyed being able to take my time. ..but even then I ran out of time. There's so much to do and see there! I need to check out Rafki's Planet Watch a little more next time, for one thing.

I went to go and visit a really cool person, but they weren't working that day. :( So I wrote a note for them instead. :)

After the park closed at 5 I decided I was in an adventurous mood. That, and Animal Kingdom takes 1hour to get to by bus, so I wanted to make the most of it.
So I followed the guests to the guest buses(I love being able to jump on guest buses). I had a big choice - one day I will go to the Port Orleans Riverside and French Quarter!! lol. I really wanted to check out Animal Kingdom Lodge though.

So after about a 20min wait for a bus (the 1st was packed) I got on. There, I met the cutest couple on their honeymoon. Interesting enough the ladywas an ex-cast member. :)She used to work on Pirates of the Caribbean. How cool is that? :)
They were staying in the awesome suites where you could see the animals from your balcony. :P

I enjoyed looking around the resort. It is very nicey themed. It also had a pretty pool and a really nice relaxed feel. You could sit on rocking chairs on decks overlooking a savanah area, and watch the animals. :)

When I had hd enough of looking around, I caught another bus to Downtown Disney. Here I enjoyed strolling around. Some shopsthat are normally closed when i go, were open. I so enjoyed looking in them. Oh my goodness. I found the awesomeness that is Giradelli's! Chocccccolate. :P hehe. Of course, I had to try some too... ;) hehe

Whilst there I managed to catch a show that was on. It was halarious entertainment. All these kids were plaing Simon Says, and some of the things they did were really funny! The guy running it was pretty good too. Knew how to make impulsive jokes.

Eventually I grabbed a cast bus back to Vista. I was contemplating going out to Bliss since it was free for girls that night. ..but I decided to mellow out for the night instead.
All in all a fun day. :D

Some pics:

Friday, it was back to work. ..and early. Good thing I had relaxed the night before. :P Not that I got any sleep. I was somehow sick all of a sudden and couldn't sleep. :(
But I had to persist anyway. So I opened Ireland which was nice and easy. Then I got to pour Guiness and Honey Mead for pretty much the rest of the shift (woo for 1st dibbs since I was there the earliest :P).

I had the afternoon off after my early start, which was nice. :) I love that.
Guess what I did?

Why, I booked a 7night Western Caribbean Cruise, of course! WooOO! hehe. :D Yes, I had been price watching. It was actually lucky I looked when I did because the 45day out discount was suddenly avaliable about 52days out! The price had been cut a further $300. now it was vey cheap for a 7 night cruise! The price even included taxes and insurance and food etc!!! Uhm, good deal!?
Lovin' cast discount, yupyup.

So I am going on this cruise from Dec 11-18. I managed to get all the days off except the last 3....but hopefully I can give those away!!!
Here's the Itinerary:
11th - leave Port Canaveral at 4pm (have a reservation at the posh restaurant PALO at 7.30pm) :D
12th - arrive at Key West at 12.30pm
leave there at 7.30pm
13th - at sea
14th - Grand Cayman at 7.30am
leave at 4.30pm
15th - Cozumel - 9.45am
until 6.30pm
16th - at sea
17th - Castaway Cay (Disney's private island) - 9.30am
til 4.30pm
18th - arive back at 7.30m

Now I am excited because I have Louisiana annnnd Caribbean to look forward to!
It's so much fun to plan adventures!!! Yaaaaaay!

Anyway so then SATURDAY - it was crazy busy like normal. :) I started in Greece, but then was switched to Ireland (didn't see THAT coming. haha). The expediters weren't the fastest and th design of the line was not good.
So I took things into my own hads (the line was MASSIVE) and changed th design of the line ropes. ...and it seemed to help! Yay for efficiency!
Then, I got asked if I was fast (which I replied, uhm, yeah!) and so was put on expediting. ...and oh yeeeeah that line moved by fast. Woo hoo! It was a work out, but I liked it.

Today I work from 4-10. I don't particularly like to close, but it has it's perks. ;) hehe.

Laters everyone!!

xx the way, welcome new followers/readers! Whatever made you find and want to follow my rambles? haha. :P ...In any case I am pleased to have you join me on my ventures!


  1. Yay sounds like a lot of fun :D
    I esp like the photo of the dragon - it is soo cool :D The tiger up that close is also pretty cool :P
    Have fun on the cruise : )

  2. hehe been reading ur blog the whole time! im looking to go to disney next july so it's good to hear about all the good & not so good stuff from a nz/aus perspective! (im from aus =P)

    sounding awesome so far tho! keep the updates comingggggg =D

  3. I love your posts, Im a kiwi too and I'm going to disney next year. I really want to do a cruise too, hopefully I will be able to get time off to do one throughout my program. Are you going alone? Please post and let us know how it is!!!