Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'll miss you...

Aloha everyone

Just a quick update before work.

Yesterday I worked in Chile. It was insanely slow and I had to try hard no to break the corkscrew from boredom. lol. I also managed to hurt my hand by opening so many wine bottles. :(

Nothing much interesting happened other than a report to stop serving some pirates. Which I reeeally wanted to see becuase they would have been good entertainment!

But yesterday was not only slow, but I was a little sad throughout the day. Why? Because one of my good (abiet crazy) NZ friends has decided to self-term and go home. :( Upsetting. One less NZer here, and one less friend.

So this blog entry is dedicated to you, ok?

I will miss your craziness!! It's almost as bad as mine. :P hehe. You're a fun person to hang out with, even if we clash on decisions sometimes. ;)
I will reminisce on all the fun times we had together, like at MK and iHop (unlimited pancakes! woo!) and Typhoon... I hope you enjoy going back to NZ (you seem to be excited) and do all the things you want to.

When I get back we are hanging out!! lol!

So Au Revoir, Chau, Auf Wiedersehen, Adios, À bientôt, Farvel and all that jazz. :(


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