Saturday, October 9, 2010

O Canada!

Evening ya'll

I worked in Ireland and Canada today!

It was CRAZY busy!

Ireland was good and I enjoyed the nn-stop flow of people.
I also learnt how to tap a beer keg since it blew up on me. ha. :P

I think my people skills are also improving. I am much better at starting conversations with random people for instance. One girl in the canadian pavilion actually thought I was friends with the random who I started a conversation with! haha
The same girl got beer all over me, and then another gil dropped a bucket of soapy water and it got all over my legs. I guess it washed off the beer...? lol.

Canada was pretty fun. Oh guess what?! I learnt how to pur Moosehead beer! Yes, that's right. I learnt a new skill, wooOOp! I was qite terrible, and then the girl who was doing the beer (I was on wine) disappeared and left me with about 10 orders of beer! I was like "I am not good at it - someone else want to?!" Of course no-one else volunteered, so I had to very quickly learn. The first few times was a disaster, but I got much better! Yay!

I got a ride home tonight which was awesome. I love kind people with cars! :D

I exissssst properly as of tomorrow! Woo! Too bad the first shift is a closing one! :S I haven't even worked in Greece...and now I have to close it?! :S Oh oh...

I need to go grocery shopping, but I don't have much time! It would be ok if the Walmart bus started earlier...but nooooo. -.- Also, I need to fix my paycheck problem on Monday (man that was annoying having to go gt the cheque from my old work).

Which reminds me.
So today I lost my phone! I freaked out but asked my roomate if I could ring it with her phone. I rang it and some guy answered. He told me he found my phone on the bus and that he'd leave it for me to pick up at vista. Taht was good. It would have been bad to have lost my phone!!

The only thing is that he took the liberty of finding my phone number and then texting me. lol. Interesting... I guess that's how you make new friends..?

Off to bed!

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