Wednesday, October 13, 2010

With good there seems to ALWAYS be bad

..well at lest that's how it is for me!!


I need to fill ya'll in about the past few days.

Alright so on Sunday I was designtedto Greece. It was the first time since my termination mishap where my schedule was like everyone elses!
Too bad I was only in Greece for an hour or s and then I ws moved again. :P So much for having a home!

Not that I minded, I was put in Ireland and Canada, and those places are good fun. :) The Greek pavillion is not as well ventilated, the wines were harder to figure out, it was slow and the greetings ere hard to pronouce. :P I did try to say them, but no-one else did so it was a bit weird. I'm pretty sure everyone just wanted to say "OPA!"

However, since I actually worked in Greece, it meant that I had done everything in the red zone!
In regards to working in the booth and on registers, I have done both in every country/place except for NZ!!! Yes, I haven't been on registers in NZ yet! That makes me sad! Maybe one day I will get to.

I love how all the managers in the red zone treat me really nice and praise me a lot. :) They move me around because they say that I'm good enough and adaptible enough to do so!

On Monday I was in Chile, and I actually managed to stay in there for the whole shift! Wooaah. What a first. haha. After pouring wines for hours on end I wondered - can you be affected by alcohol fumes? Like, was my being aroundthe alcohol so much affecting my brain? Seriously, by the end of the night was so giggly and full of energy. It was weird!
But I had a great time with the guests.

Not to mention, one guest told me in spanish (I had to get the girl next to me to translate) I had beautiful eyes. Then he jokes around with me for a while and was like "so have you decided if you're my girlfriend yet?"

That night I also went to a movie after work called "Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole". An average movie really, the plotline wasn't that great. But the music was good. Though it was late when I got out it was a fun experience.

Oh my goodness. Do you have any idea how many times people keep saying "NZ?! How did you end up in X country? Shouldn't you be in NZ?" It bugs me to no end! I am trying to think of different creative answers each time, but yesterday it was funny becuase it was asked within a few guests of each other. The girl next to me and I looked at each other and cracked up laughing. :P

...and onto yesterday.
I was in Brewers Collection.

But before that I tried to get this bank cheque thing sorted. The kind lady who had been trying to help me, drove me to the bank. Only to find out I needed my passport with me. Gah. I don't carry it around with me for obvious reasons. So then we had to go and come back.
I took advantage of the fact there was free food and drink at vista whilst I was there. hehe.
Anyway so it was the weirdest thin ith this cheque. For one thing I had to talk to a screen person, and then put my thumb in ink and thumprint the cheque.
Hopefuly its all sorted now. It was all a much longer drawn out drama than I imagined. We had a fun roadtrip adventure. lol

She drove me to Epcot and then thats when the good turned to bad. :(
I was like, cool, I have like 45mins till my shift. Means can take my time and figure out this bus system and break room and cds thing in this new zone.

So I got the bus and figured out where these things were (and was shocked to find out I had to go on stage to be able to ge to th cds. It was odd.)
Then I went ot go cds in (like clock in) and to see a message saying "it's too late for you to clock into your shift."

I was so petrified. I freaked! Then I had to go find someone who could help. Eventually they manaually clocked me in but I gota mark on my record for being late which suuuuuuucked.
It's becuase I misread my schedule. :'( I must have had a brain explosion moment or something. I was so upset becuase I haven't had a mark against my name yet and I didn't want any! I thought I was early! :( Sigh.

It put a dampener on my mood. I knew I had to hide it in front of guests which was hard. But I somehow managed to push it to the back of my mind. When I had my break it loomed on me again though. :(

Brewers Collection was of course totally new to me. I had to learn the names of the beers, which were light, dark and medium and which were most popular.

I am pretty sure I pronounced them all terribly, since they were German. But I tried. The guests were humoured by my attempts to say Schofferhofer and other such names! I think I am getting good at learning things quickly. I guess you kind of have to at this event, but I am enjoying the challenge, anyway
Whe they put me on registers however, uh yeah that too a while to get used to.

On to today!
I have my first security class today! From 3-5pm. Woo! Hopefully that is interesting.
It prolly would be better if it wasn't at such a random time because it means I can't go out until after. But tomorrow I'm meant to go to universl with friends, so that should be good! :D

Rght now I am just having a chilled out morning, and then around 2 I'll make my way to Patterson for my class.

Later ya'll


  1. What about the guy who found your phone? is he still texting you?

  2. Bonjour :D

    Lol you're popular, missy :P

    Haha, you went and saw 'Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole'?? Lol I remember the trailer for it back here in NZ. It looked fairly good, though I'd only go see it if someone else wanted to see it in the first place.

    You had your finger prints taken when you got into the US, eh?

    WHAT? Kimmie late for work?! What has this world come too?!?!?!

    ... See if you can learn to flip someone over your shoulder. Then you can use it as a dance aerial ;P

    Btw ask your manager(s) if you can be put in NZ, especially cos everyone keeps asking why you're not there due to your accent - and then you can tell everyone how great we are! ^^ ... And if anyone there doesn't do anything the kiwi way then you can correct them :P

    Au revoir :)

  3. lol. Nice big comment there Richard. I like ;)

    ..yes I had my fingerprints taken... but they still needed my tumbprint for the cheque :S

    I was so sad about being late for work! :(

    Lol. uhmm... Don't think I'll be learning that :P

    ...well I would like to work in NZ more, bu not all the time! I like the variety!