Friday, October 8, 2010

So.Stressed. ...but at least there's F&W!

Guten Tag,

Why hello everyone!

This morning did not start off well. I do hope today gets better. I am a little upset at the moment. :(

You know how I got accidentilly termed? Well it till haunts me. It was pay day yesterday and I was excited like most thurdays. However this thursday nothing happened. I was like, that makes no sense because I can see what I got paid....but why am I not actually getting paid?!

So I ring the people who deal with pay issues. They tol me that my card had been cut off or something due to the terminaion. Suddeny I was being paid by CHEQUE (nightmareeeeeee) to my old work location (double nighmareeeeee!! :( ). They gave me this other number to ring but it wouldn't work.

This morning I was determined to fix it. I went to the place that helped me the other time. They same people were thereand they recognised me which was nice. I didn't have to explain everything again.

Basically, they changed it back so I was being paid in direct deposit again, but this 'live' cheque they couldn't fix. So YAY for me. I have to spend about 6hours trying to get the money. Why does it take so long? Lets think about this. It takes about 3 hours to go there and back to carribbean because it stops a lot. Also theres thewait time for the buses becuasr they com once every 30mins (if they are reliable, that is..). When i am at the catbilding I have tofind out where in the world to ge this cheque. Once I finally get back to vista I then have to wait for another bus. Whnit finally comes I have to request to got the bank (becuase it is a reqest ony stop). When I finall get there I have to figure out how to cash the cheque. Then I have to wait for the bus to come back again (and I hav to ring up the bus company to make theu comeback for me..) and by the time I finih it'll be like 6 hours later.

..and do I have 6hours? Hmm, maybe if I wake up at like 5 or 6am! But then things are only open certain hours too and I have to work every day too!
It makes me so MAD!!!!!!!!!! Why am I stillpaying for this stupid mistake? Seriously? Did I stuff up? Did I do something wrong? ARGH.

Then, do you understand how unamused I was to get back to my apartment and see the block has been changed and that I had to go get a new key? -.-

OK. That was my rant for the day. Had to get that one out because it just makes me so angry!

Some good stuff.

The worst roomate has left!

Her programme finished and I'm so happy! At least I don't have to deal with HER anymore!!
We have a new roomate coming on the 10th. I reeeeeally hope they are nice.
Or at least less evil than the other girl.

Yesterday I had fun day.
After my loner day on wednsday I was happy to have someone to hang out with!

I went to the Food an Wine Festival with a friend from CBR and it was great! I tried 15 different things and only spent about $30. :) How did I manage that? Meh, we shall call it pixie dust. haha. But here is what I tried:

Desserts and Champagne: Strawberry Angel Verraine, Pear Steusel, Dark Choc Sensation [al yummy - but the pear was my fav, suprisingly!]
Angentina: Empanada [pretty good! It was like a samosa]
Mexico: Conga Frut Punch (yay for a non-alc drink!) [yummmmmy!]
Poland: Kielbasa and Potato Pierogie [very odd. It wasn't gross, but it wasn't really yummy. I guess it was ok]
South Korea: BBQ short rib with steamed rice and cucmber kimchi [te rib was so gooood.The cucumber however... :S ]
Hops and Barley: Pecan bread pudding [yummy - but it kind of was like a sggy cake whch was odd]
Belgium: Waffles with berry compote and whipped cream [so goooood]
France: Escargot!!!! and *chocolate* creme brulee!! [both were super yummy! However choc brulee was bizarre since I am so used to the tradiiona one!]
Ireland: Lobster and Scallop pie and Lava cake with Bailey's Irish Cream [pie was interesting. Nice chunks of seafood which was cool. The lava cake was rich but goooood]
Canada: Canadian cheddar cheese soup [disappointed by this since people rave about it. It was ok, but not really a fan. Should have tried the salmon instead]
Charcuterie and cheese: cheese fondue with crutons and roasted potatoes [ewwwww. Not a fan at all. The cheese was icky]
Greece: Spanakopita [pretty yummy :) ]
NZ: (WOO!) Lamb Slider [yum! Go NZ! :D ]

..and the night before last I had strudel so I guess I could say I went to Germany too.

Anyway so that was good fun! I loved the cultures and trying all this new stuff.
Especially the snails. They were so good!!

Oh and I was happy with the NZ lamb slider. It was cute and tasted yummy!

We managed to catch Sugar Ray in concert whilst we were there and that was awesome. As well as that we went on a boat and created our own video game. It's very funny - anyone who wants it I will send you the link!!!

What is up with a "non-alc" beer that I am no allowed to try?! :( False advertising I say!!!

The end of the night was finished very prettifully when we had dessert and watched Illuminations. :)

Are my eyes decieving me or did my foot get slightly tanned??? lol.
Ok it has to be deception...

off to work


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