Thursday, October 28, 2010

Universal again!!


First, I just wanna say - readers - I love you guys and your replies! You're awesome. :) ---> and of COURSE I will write on the cruise! will have to be a blog entry when I get back though becuase I don't think there is much internet on the ship (but if there is I bet it costs a fortune!!) If ya'll want any exact prices et, let me know and give me your email so I can send it to you...

I feel like I haven't posted in a while! It's becuase I am on the go a lot and when I start to write a post I then suddenly think of something else to do and my blog gets a little rejected at times. Sorry blog!

Let me recall the past few days.

YAY. Cast holiday discounts have started!!! ..and they are AWESOME!
eg.60% off some resort reservations and cirque for 50% off..........
See? Disney does love and appreciate you!

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday were pretty normal guest flows for each day. Once again I was dead BORED on the monday at Chile. Seriously, I was cutting up the napkins and going crazy with the corkscrew!

Weird thing is that I was actually sick on Sunday. I felt really odd. I was coughing and blocked up and feeling terrible.
My manager guy was lovely though and gave me an ER(early release) so that I could go home and rest. :)
...and rest, I did! Also, I took his advise and got some chicken noodle soup and some (real) orange juice.

You know what? I was fine within about 2 days! It was amazing! Woo! I love you kick-ass immune system!

...I am still curious if the chicken noodle soup did anything. People say it is good but it's too difficut to tell with all the variables involved. In any case, I don't even like soup, but it wasn't too bad. it smelt bad, but the taste was bareable.

Wednesday at Brewers it was sloooow. ...and I got beer all over myself like usual! This usually is a result of people changing kegs, not telling me and then letting me pull the lever only for it to spray everywhere....

Oh, but! There were sme moments at Brewers!
Not only did we have a problem with some family who kept trying to let their minor drink, but I had a pecial encounter!
There was this family. They were a normal family, but then the dad got excited by my name badge.
A lot of people go "oh look she's from NZ!" (really loudly so that I can hear and then I reply by looking at them funny since they think they are whispering lol), but this gentleman went further. He explained that his daughter had just been given an assignment on NZ! I was so excited! ..not entirely sure why, I guess because NZ was involved in a school assignment even though we are so tiny and far away and most people don't know we exist....

So anyway, I was like "here's my details! If you want to interview me or get more info on NZ, let me know". I really wanted to help the little girl out on her school project. I mean, if I was doing a school project on a country and someone from that country wanted to help me, I'd be so happy! So, I hope that I helped make her day better and that they will contact me so that I can make sure she has the coolest assignment everrrrr! :P

Anyway. I digress (what is unusual about that though?).
Ysterday was a day off for me! WOO! haha. Yes, but I still had my class....
Actually, yesterday's class was awesome! Seriously. The guy was actually entertaining. ...he kind of avoided m question and I was suspicious, but he held my attention for the whole class so I was impressed.

Also, I got to catch up with one of my friends from CBR who I hadn't seen in a while. Yay for late night Starbucks! (NZ friends, are you proud?!)
I also stuffed my face at Cici's. ...well, I tired a bite of everything (it is a buffett) and didn't particularly like much. XD
Oh - and I have a small story!
When I was at cici's, they asked if I wanted a drink with my meal. I said no, becuase I had my own (which I later learn from my friend you aren't allowed to do and they can make you pay for a drink...). But they sit a glass in front of me anyway and charge me for no drink.
I was like....tht's odd. But ok. Free drink!?

...I looked around to see there were red glasses and clear glasses. Now, maybe something should have clicked but I was like "why in the world would you pay extra from a diff coloured glass? That's just straaaange".
Iwent about my buisness, only to later be told by my friend that they give you aclear glass for WATER only...
oops. :S

I guess I know now, right? ...and so do all of you! :P

....okay! Today I am off to Universal Studios!! Woo! Excited! I love that place. :D

Have a magical day!!


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  1. Hi Kimmie,

    Love reading your blog and hearing about your adventures, thanks for being a dedicated blogger and keeping upto date with your posts! Can we see some new pics soon too? Love to see what Potter world is like!