Friday, October 15, 2010

Lemon couscous with parmesan crusted chicken

..sounds good, yes?
Yay for days where I have time to experiment in the kitchen. :P It tasted pretty good, too!

Onto the main stuff!

On wednesday I went to Typhoon with Michael. Although it wasn't Universal like I was hoping, it was still fun. :) After, the silly F bus left ithouts ad we couldn't be bothered waiting 50mins for the next! So we walked to Downtown Disney! Go us!

When we got there we looked around and then got the the problem of what movie to watch! We both wanted diff things but then Michael was a sweetheart and surprised me by gettig tickets to one of the ones I wanted to see called "Life As We Know It". Thanks, Michael!!! :D You're awesome.

The movie had its funny points but honestly I think the trailer kind of gave away the best parts!

After the movie we had dinner at a place called Paridiso 37. That was really nice too. I had Mexican. Loooove Mexican. :D

Then I treated him to ice cream/dessert at Haagan Dazs. It looked good. Very caremally.

Yesterday I went to my first security class. We got out an hour early which was awesome, but from what I heard I liked the sound of it!

Not only to we get to listen to some interesting speakers, but we actually have a fun excursion planned! It involve DOGGIES! :D So I'm excited for that!

Although it sounded as if it wasn't related much to my studies, it was definately interesting! Who cares if it's not directly related anyway? I don't get credit and all knowledge is power! Why not, I say! ;)

After, didn't really know what to do. So I just hung out, relaxed and watched dvds!

Today I had to get up early to go to my first morning shift at the food and wine festival. But it was at Ireland and it was cruisey! I didn't have much to do to begin with, but when we opened and the people came, the time went pretty quick!

I quite liked getting out in the afternoon, but then I didn't really know what to do with myself after!

Anyway I'm gonna go out for the evening. Maybe go to steak and shake?


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