Friday, October 1, 2010

Food and Wine Day 1

Aloha everyone!

2 posts in one day, crazy huh? Well today was indeed -crazy- and therefore a double post seems appropriate!

Right now though, I am eating dinner. Which consists of teriyaki salmon and rice. You are impressed, yes? haha.

I was meant to have a tiny 6hour shift today from 2pm til 9pm. So I slept in and was relaxing because I knew it was probably going to be a full on day.

Except I didn't get to relax too long! My phone rang, so I answered it. Then it was the weirdest thing that has never happened to me before - a machine answered the phone. I was kind of confused as to how a machine called me and left a message when I answered my phone?
It said a whole blur of things and then hung up on me. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get everything down, and I couldn't repeat the message! So I had to ring the labour people.
When I got through to them they asked if I wanted to come in early because it was super busy. I said okay, even though I could only do an extra hour by that point (since i had to get ready, clock in (somewhere?) and then get to my location...all of this takes around 1.5hours).

I rushed to get read but when I got to Epcot I was freaking out because I didn't know where to go to sign in. I find the place totally confusing and I can never remember where to go!

After wandering around like a lost guest for ages (and the people I asked for help either didn't speak english or had no idea what I was talking about) I finally found a place to clock in and rest for about 15mins before my shift started!

Talk about drama, but then the day got even crazier!

I knew the Food and Wine Festial was popular, but I didn't realise it was so popular that there would be never ending lines!

I didn't get a break for 5.5hours ( I had to wait for someone to come break me
:( ) and he bugs were seriously annoying. I wouldn't be surprised if I ate a few by accident.

At least I didn't get sunburnt. ...and weirdly enough I was so busy I forgot to drink. I only drink about 3/4 of ONE drink bottle for the whole day! I'm surprised I didn't get a headache or faint, really.

Even though my register broke sevral times (how did I manage to stand in one spot for so long?!) and the sun kept going in my eyes etc etc, I didn't mind it. I guess because it wan't too hot and once I got the hang of things it wasn't too hard. Time went pretty fast too since it was so full on!

Guests kept telling me I was in the wrong pavillion. lol. :P Well yes, I would like to have been in the NZ one, but I don't get a choice!

I felt like I was thrown into everything and had to learn it all so fast! People kept asking all the questions and I had no idea!
But you know what? I know all about the 4 champagnes in that stall now, and I can even tell you which ones are dry, very dry and sweet and very sweet - even though I have not tasted any! I had people asking me questions and since I actually knew the answers by then people thought I was some wine expert! I loved being informative and having people think I was knowledgeable about everything. It felt good. ;)
I was impressed with my adaptality, really. To be thrown into a totally alien environment with all this new information....yeah its an achievement to survive!

I can also load gift cards, which are one of the most awesome inventions ever for the festival. A lot of people use them!!

Oh and you know what?! I surved an Aussie today who said that the NZ dishes tasted better than the Aussie ones! haha! How awesome is that?

Oh and it's cool how we work through (or in my case, the beginning of) the firework show Illuminations! It's loud, but pretty!

I'm gonna have a little rest now!
I have a crazy 11hour shift tomorrow which goes til 2am!!!!


..and Dad - if you see this, I am getting your txts but I have no way to reply to them. I did try to e-mail you...

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  1. Yay! Go NZ! We're def better than Oz :P ... Wow, an 11 hr shift? That finishes at 2am!! That IS crazy - that's the latest I get to bed after being on FB all night XP ... Those gift cards sound mighty handy ^^