Sunday, October 3, 2010

NZ? You are in the wrong stall!


On Saturday I was actually put in the NZ stall for bit at work! That was quite exciting, and the guests got excited by it too when they noticed. You have no idea how many times guests told me that I was "in the wrong stall!" when I wasn't in NZ! Eventually it got tiresome to come up with remarks, so I eventually was like "I go where the managers tell me to go". He wasn't expecting that one lol. :P

Most of the day I worked in Champagne and Desserts - which appears to be my home recently!

I hve ben gettin a call every day from labour services asking if I want to exten my shift. So I extend it by an hour each day. Except the day I was scheduled to work 11 hours.But then I was guilt tripped into staying for an etra hour anywa. :/ So woo for 12 hour shifts that end at 3am...

So yes, the other day there was a special marathon event on. It would have been cool to have been a part of it, bt the part I saw was pretty awesome anyway. We had some cool DJs that didn't play Disney music! We were dancing around for hours! (around 2am we started to loose energy) There was also pretty lighting, and a nice atmosphere Not only were we allowed to dance but we could have fun with the guests. It wasn't hot either. :)

The only thing was that it was late and no-one really knew how to deal with all these coupons! Then of course some were soggy and some were different to others. So there were some problems. Oh and people got upset when our liquor liscence stopped at around 2.30am! Thank goodness I didn't have to close though!!!!

Anyway so it was a late night made later by extending (man I was so sore and tired and just wanted to leave....). I wanted to get home but guess what? No bus. A guy had to ring them up and ask them to bring one. ...except only a tiny van thing turned up so half of the people were left behind.I was so determined to get home that I got in the van, but still ended up getting back to Vista at 4am!

Yesterday I worked in Chile and Champagne. I was a break person/floater (which I am all week) so they could put me wherever. I was going to break someone in Greece but then someone else did! Never fear - I got my schedules for next week and I fully exist!!! Now my schedule is like everyone elses and I know which pace I a meant to be working at. So far I am scheduled for Greece, Chile, Brewers Collection (which is odd since that isn't in my zone - and oh my goodness I cannot pronounce any of the german beer names!!!) and Ireland. :)

It was kind of fun working in Chile because we had to speak in spanish at the registers. I didn encounter sm problems when actual spanish speakers came up, but other than that people just enjoyed sayig "Hola!" back.

One day I wil get a log on so I don't have to use other peoples to be on register, which I seem to be put on a lot!

I am getting better at using the walkie talkie radio thinger! Go me. :D

I did have one mistake near he end of my shift, but luckily I think it was overlooked. I could argue to the death to defend myself about it too, if I need to! But hopefully I don't need to..

Anyway, must get ready for work!

Hasta Luego!


  1. Wow! Hardcore 12 hr shift! Yay for dancing! :D I did some bachata last night, as well as cha and rueda lessons ;)

  2. Hey Kimmie,

    Did you start your classes yet? How do they fit into your busy schedule!
    Do you get to sample the champagne and desserts? That would be cool!!


  3. Hey there :)

    NO my class starts next week! I am only doing one now because 2 would be too hectic!!! ..and I can pick it up next semester anyway!

    Well apparantly you do get to try things sometimes when a chef approves, but that hasn't happened to me yet!

    However, yesterday I got to sample a lot of stuff and even thoughI paid for it, I enjoyed it!!!


  4. ..oops no idea why that no was in capitals lol