Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Food and Wine, come and dine...

Hey ya'll!

Yesterday I worked in a number of places because I was a breaker person. I almost made it into the Greek pavillion but then I wasn't needed there! Since I was in Canada and Ireland and Charcuterrie and Cheese yesterday, all have left is Greece in my zone!

Canada was petty busy! The most popular item was the cheddar cheese soup, but the salmon was also a favourite. To be honest I liked the look of the Salmon, Soup and dessert in Canada! I might just have to return tomorrow when I go around the world pigging out on things!

Yes, tomorrow I plan to go with a CBR (Carribbean Beach Resort) friend to the food and wine festival! It should be fun, I'm looking forward to it!

Today however, I woke up late and then explored the interesting things that international drive has to offer!
I went to Pointe Orlando (they have such pretty dresses in this one shop there!) and a flea market. The flea market was interesting but I didn't like being one of the only people there!!
Also I felt bad when I didn't buy stuff because they were all watching me!

Then when I eventually made it back (but with the 25cent fare I don't mind! - yay Disney discount!!) I went to the Oktoberfest event at Patterson (that place is a palace, so jealous of people who live there) and grabbed some free food and drink. :D

When I got back to Vista I grabbed some DVDs from the Pavilion. The lady gave me some free popcorn. I tried popping it but eneded up burning it. Wow. I can't even cook popcorn. How sad is that? Although, in saying that I did cook a very lovely pasta dish last night! It was so yummy, so I can cook some things...

Oh random thing: I love how people want to tip me. I can't take it but it is a sweet thing to offer. :)

Anyway goodnight


  1. Are you trying to get around your whole zone? What other zones are there and which one is NZ in?
    ... Oh, but tips means money! :D
    ... Was it microwave popcorn? I always microwave it for the min suggested time. It's usually 2-3mins, so I'll only cook it for 2mins. It means there are more unpopped kernels, but at least you can eat the popcorn! ;)

  2. yes and by next week I will have worked in every part of my zone. ..and NZ is i my zone silly :P

    Yeah I know, I did do it for the min but possibly our microwave has a larger wattage than they were aiming at :S