Sunday, August 8, 2010

Deli on my own

Yesterday I had to go and get some more costumes because mine neeed to be washed. Unfortunately I couldn't do this after my shift, or on the way to it. So I had to make a special trip. Yay for getting to do the same trip twice in one day... XD

Work was ok.
The set up was difficult and I forgot how to open a lot of stuff, but some nice chefs helped me out. :)
If in doubt, ask a chef. They are all pretty awesome. :)

Overall I didn't have any major troubles throughout my shift. In fact the only thing that could have been worse, was one lady who got upset that her meal took longer than the lady's beind her (she ordered a hot meal though, and the other lady didn't), but in the end there was no drama. :)

I even managed to close (I did the smoothie machine so much faster today! woo!) only going over time 8mins (but that included the inspection).

Today I get trained in another new shop - burger. I get my original trainer again though so I'm pretty happy. Free food again, woo! :D Got to love free food. Yupyup!

Last night had a little issue in the apartment, but hopefully it won't happen again.
I notice the kitchen isn't so bad lately. Though there is still a saucepan in the fridge (too bad if anyone else wants to use it XD).

Anyway I have to go and do some stuff, including laundry. So see ya later!



  1. Wow, how many places do you get trained for?

  2. A lot! lol I stil have about 3 more places... It's because where I work you need to be flexible and able to do any shift.