Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cashier crazyness

Aloooha! :)

Thursday was horrible.
I was being trained on cashier but the person training me wasn't a very good trainer. She made me feel incompetant and stupid most of the time.
Now, I admit it usually takes me a while and some repetition until I have things in my head. However, once I have them in my head, I become very good at my job.

So, what I really needed was for someone who was understanding to help me out.
Those cahier machines have lots ofbuttons and are quite complicated. Nothing is grouped together so often you have to hunt for it!
Then theres the dining plan. People who have worked there for ages think it's simple, and once you get the hang of it, it is. However, for a newbie it's seriously confusing. Guests kind of expect you to know it too, and are always asking about it.

Good thing I know it pretty well NOW then. :P

Anyway so it was like having this parrot on my shoulder the entire 8hour shift. Every time I dd somethign wrong she would be like "no. what are you doing?!" or "I told you how to do that" ...gaaah. I really hated it.

I managed to survive for most of the shift, but then after my shift I broke down in front of the manager. Embarrassing, yes. The news got around fast. However, she was nice and gave me a hug (yay I love hugs :) ) and then told me I would be with another trainer the next day.

Yesterday I was indeed put with another trainer. She was nicer, but somehow I wasn't that bad with the cashier buttons anymore. Sure, I forgot where some things were, but I was very proud of my memory. I didn't have many problems during my shift, and I was even doing pretty well in figuring out if people had everything right for their meal plan!

Suffice to say that I had a more enjoyable shift. I was dreading yesterday so much! Today I have the same shift but with no help. Hopefully there will at least be sooomeone that lingers around though for when I have questions.

This continental breakfast thing still blows my mind. Not entirely sure how it works.

On a side note
I was thinking about this Cancun thing I was invited to. Possibly Mexico is not the safest or easiest plan. So since I already have that time off I want to go on some form of adventure. I love adventure!

I was browsing southwest airlines and the places they go, and stumbled upon Louisiana. The first thing that I thought of was Princess and the Frog. The second image was of swamp lands, laid back people in rocking chairs on their porches, steamboats and aligators. I have never experienced sich a thing in person, so I am considering going there! Man this year is going to be jam packed of awesomeness. :P Basically I work to save up for adventures!

Anyway. I have to go get ready for work.
Good thing I have tomorrow off. Which meansssss WATER PARK FUN. WOOOOOOO.
Also, I did manage to get next friday off. So I have a 5 day work week instead of a 6. .....and of course I have that double shift. Should be an interesting week!!

Man its weird how my Dad will be living in Thailand and my Mum in Australia...

Random thing:
I love how kind some people are. Truely. I wish there were more kind people around like them. You guys are awesome! Harmony, you are my role model for the month! :)

Have a magical day everyone!!!



  1. I hope it works out so you can come see us!!!

  2. People who have worked at a place for ages seem to forget that they were confused when they first started too! It was like that when I first started at my job too, go food service :)