Monday, August 23, 2010

Double shifts

Hey everyone!

I managed to get my time off for when I want to go to Louisiana! So that's super exciting, I can't wait!
When you work all the time you have to have something to work towards that you feel is worth the effort. :)

Yesterday I did a double shift. A few people wondered how I managed to do it since I haven't been here long, but apparantly it's possible..!

I had to get up at 5.30am to get my bus, which was horrible because I had gotten home around 1am the previous night and then could't sleep at all. So I woke up feeling ick! :(

The first shift was at POP Century Resort. I was going to take a pic of me wearing the costume, but I forgot. :/ However, this is what it looks like:

I looked a bit scary, but I'm kind of used to such things here. ;)

The POP shift was ok. Of course people kept asking me where things like milk were, and I had no idea. But overall it wasn't terrible.
I actualy enjoyed being on dining room and getting to talk to the guests.
There weren't enough chairs for the amount of people though, so I was on chair duty trying to find guests places to sit!

I was put on beverage island half way through and oh my goodness. Instead of one island like in Carribbean, there are three!! Talk about a constant mess!

The thing that stood out the most to me though was this boy. He must have been a little younger than me, but we started talking and then he said something along the lines of: "I just want to tell you that you are doing a really great job. It's awesome to see when people look like tey enjoy their job, and you look like you do". I thought it was really nice of him to compliment me like that. :)

After that shift I went back to my apartment and rested for a while. I wanted to sleep for a few hours but that didn't happen. I was stressing that all this work and no sleep would affect me badly, and it appears to be true. I feel quite tired. My eyes hurt.
I wish I could have slept longer this morning too, but I had to return my costumes.

Then I had my Carribbean shift.
I love going to work and saying hello to all these people, and having them say hello back. It's so nice. Makes me feel almost at home. Hence I don't really mind going to work because I know I will be met by smiling faces. :)

I was worried since my shift ended at 12.30am, that I would be put in Grab and Go as a stocker. I have heard you don't get trained on it and it's a lot of work, so not too keen to do that.

However, it turned out I was put on Pizza front. I was excited because as ya'l know I love front shifts.
It didn't quite turn out the way I was expecting though.

Last night it was SUPER busy. At one point there was only one lady in the back, who was slow and didn't quite know what she was doing, so I decided to go help her out.
Turned out she really needed help. She had a huge queue of pizzas to attend to and the guests were getting upset. Then there weren't even enough pizza boxes!
I got to work going at high speed and after about an hour we were back on track.
I then focussed on making lots of pizza boxes, and by the time it was my break, everything was back to normal. :)

After break I did some back and some front depending on where I was needed.

At the end of he night I had to do pizza front close. ..which takes foreverrrr.
Good thing I had help. :D
..and then I finished 25mins early, but instead of being able to go early, I was told to help the guy on Grab and Go.

It was probably a good thing because I learnt how to close some of Grab and Go. Also I got to hang out with this guy who doesn't talk much, and get him to talk. He's being deployed to All Star Resorts for a week, next week. Wouldn't have known that otherwise....

I picked up some extra shifts. Woo. :P So tomorrow I have another double shift, and then on the 29th I have one too. I prefer to have a few double shift days and then 2 days off, than 6 day weeks. Esp since that way you alo get time and a half. Yay. :P
...but I do have my limits. I don't do double shifts 2 days in a row for instance.

I looked up online the Blizzard Beach pictures from photopass and so I thought I'd share them. They are not the most flattering pics, but you get an idea of the exhiliration lol.

The first pic is me on the ride at the *top* (the slope bit is decoration, you don't go flying off the edge, it's just a vertical drop), and the second is after the ride.

I found out today that I have to go to the Commons to get a written statement saying I live in Florida, and also to get my free main entrance passes. I will do that sometime this week, along with Universal Studios and Hollywood Studios. :D

The waterpark free entry is until the end of Feb!! ...and I get 50% off tickets for friends and family! :)

Right, off to work!


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