Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Front makes me JUMP

..for joy.

I was on front of Burger last night. I really enjoyed it.Not only was it more air conditioned, but I got to interact with all the guests. I love hearing all their stories and aout where they are from.
A lot of them ask about NZ too, so its fun being able to clue them in on things. :)

The sucky thing was that although I did front, they put me on BACK close! How uncool is that? Close take sooooo much longer to close. Probably 3x as long. :/

Anyway I did manage to get through that and since I started early I had time to spare at the end. However, the person who was meant o inspect me kept saying they were "coming" and then never did. So with only about 4mins before my bus I had to grab someone else . The lady opened a few things and then told me to go!

I clocked out at 12.02, and my buswas at 12.01. ...however the bus ended up arriving about 15mins late anyway.
G bus.
You are the most unreliable bus route I have ever seen.

Today and tomorrow are days off! (I will enjoy since next week I only get 1 day off. :( )
I am going to get more costumes and also go to Walmart/Pubix!!!
So keen for grocery shopping, I want fruit. Lots of fruit. ..and I need more things to put in salads.
Hopefully I'll get time to do both places, but I think I might just have to decide between them.

..and then maybe I might go to hollywood studios to see the firework show :)

Some shocking news - it was actually pretty quiet last night!


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  1. Lol at G bus :P
    Yay for silence when it's wanted the most :D