Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Short and sweet


A quick post before I go to work.

Today I am being trianed on cashier. Should be a good set of skills to learn. Means I can pick up merch shifts, woo!

Yesterday I did Pizza back. It started off a bit weird since I was with a new girl and she talked so quietly I could never hear what she said, and she sounded like she was getting mad with me. But eventually we got talking and sh brightened up. :) Also I made friends with one of the cast members there who I was a bit weary of prior. I go around calling him prince eric, and he goes around attempting to insult me, whereby I whack him with empty pizza boxes. hahaha. Good times.
I also made friends with a random grl in the break rom who I had never seen before. She used to be a cast member but was waiting for someone. Funny enough I knew the person so that wa fun. But the reason we got talking is cos one of the managers thought we looked alike!

Today I went and got some more costumes - including the POP one for the shift I picked up. I have to wear a bandana and my costume is actually prolly scarier than my Carribbean one! Hard to believe, right?

I was invited to a trip to Cancun today?
Who would never have expected such a thing? It's like with Miami. Spontaneous and awesome. ;)
Hopefully I can go. It's in mid November...

Anyway I have to go!
Talk to ya'll later!



  1. Hey Kimmie,

    How are your courses going? Have you started yet? Cancun sounds cool, is it just a daytrip like Miami? Long way for a day!

    Keep posting!

  2. Hey there :)

    My courses don't start til the end of next month.

    I'm re-thinking if cancun is a good idea. It might not be the safest pace to go...?
    We would go for about 4 days though.

    Keep commenting! ;)