Friday, August 13, 2010

Shopping Therapy

Hey ya'll!

I haven't been able to blog the last few days because things seem to like to break at Vista. We get one thing fixed and then something else breaks. I'm kind of getting annoyed by it. I mean we get a bathroom door and then the toilet seat is broken(I think it was the person who fixed the dor to be honest), we get the blinds fixed, and now the internet dies. ergh.
This place needs major renovation.

The flatmates are trying harder to be more onsiderate since we had a house meeting on wednesday. Except I notice there is still food on the floor which is suuuuper annoying!! I hate going into the kitchen with the floor being all nasty.

I think the end result will be that I move apartments yet again. Friends of mine here are wanting to move to Chatham (bigger, right at bus stop) or Patterson(newest, most expensive, but prettiest). So I might join them. At least if we make a request together than I know what kind of people I will end up with. The lame thing is the $50 fee. :/

Als, onto the previous days activities!

On wednesday I went to Publix and Walmart. Then plan after that was to go to Hollywood to see fireworks, but then I found out those freworks only happen 3 days a week and that day was not one of them. :(

I did express (due to the bus timetable) shopping at Publix to get some healthy things I knew they did not sell at Walmart. Unfortunately I forgot about the cherry tomotoes. :(

Walmart was fun. I like having time to myself to wander around that giant place.
I ended up with lots of bags and getting them through the rain onto the bus was a challenge. XD haha

When I got back I went to watch some DVDs with Michael since the weather was bad and the fireworks weren't on. :/ Yay free movie rental! ...Tarzan!!!

Yesterday was more of an adventure.

I wanted to go to Florida Mall because I hadn't been yet.
I was planning to get the 11.45am bus there, but suddenly I remembered that Hayley was going to get the 11am.
Somehow I got myself organised so that I got to the bus stop on time for the 11am.
Too bad the bus wasn't also on time.

Darn the ATM, too. The light was shining on it an I couldn't really make out was on the screen and pressed the wrong button.
With only one free transaction a week I was kind of annoyed that my transaction was stuffed up, grr!

I guess at least it meant that I could spend a lot at the Mall...?

Then the bus never came for the Mall. When it was 15mins past I went to speak to the guy in charge of the buses. He didn't even realise the bus hadn't come.
Eventually (I came back a 2nd time because we had no news) he said they were "bringing one from the back". Whatever that means.

A few mins later a bus for Florida Mall finally arrived.
Unfortunately, the bus driver was incompetent. He drove us to Walmart instead, which was completely the wrong way.
Not cool.
..and Hayley was freaking because she had work in a few hours. She just wated to get a phone mainly (finally, woo! haha)

We finally made it to the Mall, bus he drpped us off at the wrong place. The other girls were like "this isn't where we are normally dropped off, are you going to come to this spot every time today?"
The guy said

Famous last words.

We were all relieved to get off that bus and start shopping.
I wandered around with Hayley and she chose a phone. Then we both had fun at the Disney store (why on our day off, right?)

Hayley went off to work and so I was left to explore. I enjoyed shopping by myself. It meant I could be as indecisive as I wanted. ;)
Also, as annoying as the people are in the middle of the asiles who are always trying to show and get you to buy their products, I had fun with them.

I let them practically pamper me (with no real intention to buy what they were selling). I had my hnd and nails done and my hair decorated wth Swarovski crystals (those things were niiiiice).

At the food court I got to sample everything.

Free is good.

Eventually I settled on Chinese for lunch. It was yummy. :) I realised then that I hadn't had that cuisine in a long time!
I also had a really nice berry smoothie (tip - I asked for no banana in it, so it actually tasted 100% like berries, yum!!!)

Shopping didn't kill my wallet too much, but I did splurge a little. I got 3 tops and a dress. The dress is blue and I got one rainbowish, one teal and one purple top.
2 of the tops were the last in stock so go me! :D They are super pretty too, so I'm happy. :)

The dress was a last min thing whilst waiting for the bus. It was only $12 (on special) and I liked it so bought it!

Then it was 5pm. The time the bus was meant to come.
It didn't.

So I rang the office up. They told me the bus had already left with about 50 people in it ad we would have to wait for the 6.45pm!
What the heck!?

We had been there since about 4.45pm, so it hadn't come.
It had actually gone to where the driver was supposed to drop us off the first time!
Man we were mad.

Luckily, a girl in the distance was waving to us indicating the bus had not left yet.
There were only about 3 seats left, so I was really lucky to grab one.

I managed to make it back in time for the "It's a Jungle" pool party!
Free food and drink here, too! Woohoo!

The party was pretty awesome. It was at the main pool which has a spa as well. There was a DJ, music, pool table, lots of people, characters (safari mickey, yay!)...

There was even some dances you could join in with, and they had competitions such as a hula hoop showdown.

After all that excitement Mario made it to the pool and we went back to my apartment where I showed him my buys for the day.

After we had chilled out for a while we headed to Downtown Disney.
The plan was originally to go to the House of Blues, but we ended up going to BONGOS! Downtown Disney (Pleasure Island) is super pretty at night. It has an awesome atmosphere as well. :) Lots of lights, it's by the water, music, people enjoying themselves...

We eventually sat down and had an entree and drinks at Bongos which were pretty nice.

...After, we made our way back to the Vista bus.

On the bus I saw a guy I had met before, and then the girl next to him Mario and I got talking to. She is from Vegas, so we had a lot to talk about since I have been there 3 times!
I thought the body language and facial expressions going on there were hilarious!

Anyway. Today is day 1 in 8 days straight of work (which I did not give myself, like a lot of people here seem to do - workaholics I say!)

Catch ya'll later!


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