Saturday, August 21, 2010

Blizzard Beach

Hey ya'll!

Yesterday I was on register all by myself.
..and I survived.

Actually, better than that. I was pretty good!

I even survived Grab and Go by myself and made magical moments for little kids. As well as that I managed to project a positive image for the guests and help them as much as I could. :) I have that dining plan down pat I tell you!

I found out that evil lady heard about how she made me cry. ..and that she told another cast member that she had "better be careful [in coming over to see how I was at Grab and Go] or you'll make her [me] cry"
What a biiiiitch. Seriously. Unbelievable!

At least most people are on my side and not hers. I prefer to be liked than be the one who didn't cry.
I mean I hate crying. But she actually made it impossible for me to withold my emotions because I got to breaking point. There is only so much continual negativity that I can handle!

Anyway, so I was pretty proud of myself for completing that shift. Not to mention, that was my last official day of training! Which meeeeans, I can take off my "earning my ears" tag from my name badge. :D Woo hoo!

Today I went to Blizzard Beach.
It was kind of sad that I went alone, I know, but I didn't know anyone else with the same day off. :/
I managed to go on all the main rides which was awesome.
I loved the theming. Disney always does a great job with details.

Oh my goodness. The park actually ha the same music as my work. I couldn't believe it. I was thought they would at least theme the music. But no, I had to listen to the same music. It's enough to drive you insane!
I did ak if it was possible to change it (at work), and apparantly it isn't. ...and it has been that way for years. :S Talk abotu stuck in a time warp or something.
Do you have any idea how hypnotising and frustrating it is to hear the same music every day?

Back to Blizzard though.
The park closed abotu 2hours after I got there. Just as I was at the top of the biggest most thrilling ride line. After waiting over 30mins.
Unbelievable. >.< least it re-opened and I got on it eventually, but I couldn't believe my luck with that.

I think the most important thing abut today though, despite the lines, it that it was relaxing.
..and relaxing is good.
Especially for someone like me who likes to be on the go all the time!

I really liked how I could talk to any of the cast members there easily. It was as if you are given special treatment and respect. Everyone was just so lovely and helpful and a few even went above and beyond, just for me. :D

I love how so many people think NZ is some exotic place.
Oh and you have no idea how many people ask me if I am from Australia or England. No one has guessed right yet. XD

Tomorrow is a double shift. Starting where I get up at 5.30am, and finish at 12.30am. Looooong day.I will be looking forward to that sleep in the next day.
That's for sure.

Oh well, I can just daydream about my next weekend. I look forward to my TWO days off.
Yes, TWO. It's quite exicitng.

Talk later!


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