Wednesday, August 25, 2010

12 hours!

It was nice to have a normal shift inbetween double shifts to break things up and let me sleep in. (and today's sleep in was nice tooooo! :D )

I can't believe I survived working 12 hours in one day!? I never would have thought I would survive such a thing and not be too affected!
Go me. :P

Firstly I was put on beverage island, and I ended up having soooooo much to do!

Not only are guests like crazy people in the morning, but of course everrrryone wants breakfast before they go to the themeparks! It was so messy and we were running out of things so quickly!
Cast members don't appear to like waking up early in the morning and aytending to the guests either because they didn't seem too happy! In fact I really missed all my evening work buddies!!!

That shift went pretty quick considering I had so much to do and was busy the whole time.

The 2.5hours in between shifts was a nice break. My feet were throbbing so they were grateful for the break, and it wasn't too long either. Just a nice amount of time. :)

My evening shift was pretty good.
I told this chauvinistic guy who I think is up himself what I thought of him. LOL. I usually don't do stuff like that, but hey. He didn't know what to say to that. XD Its not like he has the upper hand either because I have knowledge I can use against him (muahahaha). ;)

I swapped positions becuase a cast member wanted to know if we could. I was happy with that because I'd prefer Burger front to Pizzer filler any day!

Oh my goodness. You know what? I got a major high from having my first FULL conversation with a guest in SPANISH. Yes, that's right. I took his order and I even got it correct! Are ya'll not proud? I mean I only learnt spanish for around 3months! It was exciting. I shall have to do it again. He was all happy that I talked to him too and gave me thumbs up. :D

Today I went to Publix and had a fun time there. Man I love grocery shopping. I get to pick whatever I like and take however long I want to take. It is lovely. Also, Publix is a lot nicer to shop at than Walmart.
The employees are nicer and its less crazy. Also its smaller so easier to find things! The food is healthier and they have a lot of awesome things that walmart doesn't. Quality, not quantity. hehe. (go Chilton values ;) )

I also got my social security number (mine for life!). It's quite exciting. hehe

Did I tell ya'll that my text book for my class arrived the other day? I will have to start reading it soon, but it's definately on the thick side!

Looking forward to Universal and Hollywood on Friday and Sat! Woo!!



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