Monday, August 9, 2010

Burger shop

Burger shop last night was pretty fun.
I really don't care that I smelt like grease after, because I can always have a shower, and I don't have to wash the costumes myself. :P haha

I made a few mistakes, but once I got it I was fine. I think the reasons I made mistakes after that was due to distractions. There were plenty of distractions. Like my trainer who I ended up trying to keep on task because he liked to joke around a lot. I was trying to ask him questions and get help but he was not exactly focussed. ...luckily the culinary who I was working with was super nice! He helped me out with everything. We also had a good time because it wasn't very busy and we were at the back so we could chat. I found out he was one of EIGHT kids! Far out.
His programme finishes in 5weeks though and I'm sad about that. He's fun to hang out with, and can actually understand me, and my jokes! hahaha.

Anyway so the back of the shop sems easy enough to clean, but I will have to do some pre-closing to help me get out on time.

Unfortunately the culinary guy I have today is a different guy, but I've had him before and he's super nice. :)

Anyway I'm off to get organised, and maybe go sign up for a class, woo!

see ya!


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