Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm walkin' on sunshine woooooah

Firstly, can I just say THANK YOU to Barb!
I woke up this morning and a letter was on the dresser by my bed. :D
I must not have seen it last night when I came in. But yay. That made me happy. :)

Wow it's hot in Florida. I mean in between thunderstorms, it's hot. But I'm mostly inside or under shade so I don't realise. But MAN. When I walk to and from the bus, I feel it. So glad I get to work inside. That sun is STRONG.

So what's been happening in the world of Kimmie?

The day before yesterday (saturday), I had to work on beverage island again. Not my fav job, I'd have to say.
However, some guests humoured me (even thoguh I was a walking zombie die to no sleep because of eviiiil flatmate). ike this one guy who asked for some milk. I showed him where it was, saying "do you mean half and half?" (which is a popular half milk half cream thing here). He did mean that, but he turned around and asked "where are you from?" (what is up with guests asking that when it is clearly plastered on my name badge?)
I told him, and then he proceeded to be humoured. He said "ah, because you said half and half" (said in a strange English sounding accent)
...oh I see.. *smiles* haha.

Beverage island was busier which I was very happy about. I mean, sure, the little kids made rivers on the countertops, and spilt ice and ketchup everrrrrywhere, but I was happy for the company. :)

Also, the trainer guy hadn't abandoned me like was usual on the second day after training! Woo! He was very helpful to have around. :) Oh and I was super proud of what I managed to remember. I even changed the soda machines etc! go me :D

Yesterday before work I went for a swim. I had the pool all to myslef and it was loooovely. Morning swims are wonderful.

I changed shampoos and conditioners and my hair is feeling more healthy. Yes. It actually feels alive! Hurrah. :)

I was at the Broiler yesterday. It was awesome. :D

Not only was I with my fav culinary who is fun to work with, but I was at front again! I got to talk to all the guests and it was awesome.

Now, I know we are meant to interact with guests etc, but I refuse to compliment for the sake of complimenting. In my eyes, blatant compliments that don't mean anything are like lies. So, any compliment I give to a guest or anyone, I mean.
...and one guest was wearing the coolest purpl sparkly top. I just had to point out how awesome it was. ;)

Although one of the cast members I worked with kind of annoys me, somehow I managed. I swear some people like to act as if they are the boss of everyone and superior.

Yesterday I was excited. I figured out what a double shift meant (no, not that it doubles your pay. My goodness people kept trying to tell me it was when your pay doubled, but that's the obvious part! I wanted to know what it meant)!!

Also I figured ou what I am and am not allowed to pic up in regards to extra shifts.

Oh! I also figured out how to give away a shift (unfortunately you can't jut be like *give away shift button*, you have to have someone to give it to). Lucky for me I was writing a note asking if anyone wanted my shift, and oe of the cast members in the room offered to take it. So that was easy. ;) haha.ouse it still has to be approved.

But my double shift on the 22nd has been approved. Woo. hehe. That'll be a long day. I have a short shift from 7am -11.30am at Pop Century, and then from 6pm-12.30 in the morning I have my Carribbean shift.

...but its to make up for my now 2 days off that week. Hurrah, I actually get 2 days off next week.
Water themeparks - here I come!!!!

I am uploading new pics atm.
Here's where you can find them. :)
They are of Chritains flat party, the day at Magic Kingdom with Michael, Night out at Pleasure Island and the Vista Way pool party!

Can I ask, is anything interesting happening in the world?
I am living in a Disney bubble, and although I have the internet, I usually only have time for blogging and checking my mail. When our internet comes back, I will check BBCorsomething...but anyone wanna fill me in.
Anything massive happened that I ahould know about?

Apparantly Obama is in Florida? Awesome.

Oh. Random thing, because I'm excited.
If I pass both my courses then I'll get a Mouseters AND a Ducktorate. Isn't that the coolest sounding thing you've ever heard?!?! hahaha

Keep up the comments ya'll!

Have a magical day :)


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