Saturday, August 14, 2010

Flatmate from HELL


I'm trying really hard to control my anger right now. So bare with me.

I just spent like 40mins trying to scan one documet. It was the most complicated process ever and I was getting so mad!!!! It wouldn't work with everythign I tried, and I had to use a vista computer and my god. I am so glad I have my laptop now because those THINGS are horrible (not that I can use it i my apartment because the internet is BROKEN. DARN YOU VISTA AND YOUR CONSTANTLY BREAKING THINGS)!! You can't access everythign and the 'my computer' area is locked so you can't access anything. Talk about how to drive someone insane.
Then again
my anger is probably fueled by the fact I didn't get much sleep last night.

Want to know why?

It's because I have to share an apartment with the most selfish and most idiotic person EVER.
I recall at the house meeting we asked her to keep the noise down at night. I asked if we could do something about the food on the floor, too...and the dishes.
Let's see if anything was taken on board.

Floor: the food has not moved. In fact I think more has been added. Lovely.

Dishes: someone put dirty dishes in my lovely clean dishwasher. Also. Someone keeps using all the pot/pans etc and leaving them with food in them overnight and not cleaning them out!!!!! Not only can we not use them when they are liek that, but it is GROSS. GRRRRROOOOOSS I tell you!!!!!!

Noise: Last night. It was 1.00am. I creep in and get ready for bed after I get home from work. My roomate is asleep, and I don't wake her.
10 mins later. CRASH. BANG. ..and all other noises associatd with loudness. The evil faltmate has arrived, and wanted to let everyone know.
Well, thanks.
She continued to make a huge racket for ages. In fact she strated cooking and slamming cupboards and pans etc.
She woke my roomate up. Unbelievabe.

Also ths morning I noticed she left her nasty dishes and pans etc andwent out with some guy. ..and she had put dirty dishes in my nice clean dishwasher!!!!!

Yesterday's work at Beverage Island was soooooo boring. I wanted to shoot myself.
..and the exciting thing is I get to do it all over again tonight, WOO!

Also, the close for it takes ages. I betya I won't be able to get out by midnight tonight.

Can you tell I hardly got any sleep and am ANGRY...?!?!!?

I want to move to Chatham.
...and I want to go to the water parks with the free admission from today! ..but my frist free day is the 21st!? :(

I think I need chocolate.
Maybe ice cream?

Bye ya'll.


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