Saturday, August 7, 2010


Hello everyone!

Work yesterday was kind of crazy,

Firstly it was at another new place called the Deli. places are always nerve wracking because there's SO much information hurled at you.
Also this time I had different trainer, and she is not as laid back. I think she kind of expected me to know and remember a lot.

After a while I kind of got the hang of it. Its quite different to the other shops becuase you take their order and their name.

At the end we did the hardest part - the smoothie machine. She made it look not that hard, but we still made a mess.

I was like, hurrah! I can go home now! ....not quite. I was sitting down and the trainer was going over some things with me, nd then the manager asks if I could please do the 2nd smoothie machine by myself!
Gaaaah. That meant I couldn't go home just yet.

..and what was supposed to be a 15min job took me 45mins!!!
Mainly becuase I couldn't fugure out how she showed me to get all odf the smoothie out, so I ended up getting it everrrrrywhere. Including all over myself!

Today I have to run the shop by myself. I really dislike this part. I feel all isolated. ..and I have to remember how to open the shop! It was much more complicated than the other places to set up, so I'm kind of nervous I'll forget things.

Okay, I'm going to go get soem more costumes before going to work.
Hopefully I'll be okay!


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