Thursday, August 5, 2010

Not so fun morning, pretty awesome afternoon

Yin/yang yet again!

I had to get up really early for my social security number. That was not so fun.
The process when we got there though was really easy and didn't take long. I actually didn't even have to say anything.

After that Michael helped me move the rest of the stuff to my new apartment which was good. :) It took longer that expected though because I managed to grab all this free food from my old flatmates since they dind't need it anymore! I prolly inherited over $100 in food! So I was happy. :P

After that I helped Michael ready his apartment for his apartment inspection tomorrow. That took a while. 6 boys... yeah.... I am suprised I actually was like picking their smelly socks off the groud etc. XD ...don't worry, I thoroughly washed my hands after. ;)

So that was the 'must dos' done. ..and now it was onto the 'want tos'!

We were on the way to Walmart and then Michael pointed out the helicopter sign that he was quite fond of (and repeatedly liked to point out haha). He was like, let's go! ..and proceeded to walk off the bus! I didn't want to be stranded, so I followed him.

There was this $20 offer, but I knew there'd be fine print. There was, and it was only like a 3min flight, and you needed 3 people!

Michael still really wanted to go on a helicopter and convinced me to join him. We went on a 7-9min flight that went over Sea World, Discovery Cove, Aquatica, I-Drive Resorts, Wet n Wild, Unversal Studios and Islands of Adventure among other things.

I'd have tosay it was pretty neat. I mean, it's expensive for what it is, but since I had never been in a helicopter before I enjoyed the experience! Helicopters really aren't smooth like I thought they'd be. They are more like a bumble bee!

So I nevr thouht I'd come to Florida and be doing all these really spontaneous things! I really am not the spontaneous type. ...especially since I am an ultra cheap ass. But don't worry, that side of me did emerge. haha

There was this guy who took photos of us before and after the flight. He showed us the pictures, but then another group of people came down from a flight.

I thoguht the pictures were pretty average and that I could have taken better! I didn't want to pay $20 for 2 photos. So when he rushed outside I took photos of the best od his photos. hahaha. They turned out pretty well too. See:

If I had more time I would have gotten less glare, but for the time I had I thought I did pretty well. XD.

Anyway so after that excitingness we had to wait for the next bs to Walmart. It wasn't for abotu 20mins, so we explored a little of Publix and some random Disney shop.

Then we did express shopping at Walmart for about 30mins so that we could get the next bus. I can't believe we actually managed that with like 2mins spare!

We we got back to Vista Micahel decided to stay cos he was tired, and so I met up with Hayley.

I had been invited to dinner at a friends place in Chatham and we were allowed to bring friends(s).

Unfortunately when we wanted to come it started POURING. Obviously getting drenched didn't sound fun, so Hayley showed me her apartment instead. Man it was nice! So clean and lovely! Even decorations everywhere, and placematas!

Eventually the rain stopped and we grabbed the first bus the Chatham (which just happened to be the G bus. lol).

We were the first ones to arrive, but when everyone else did it wa a lot of fun. The people were lovely and we had Chinese, Spanish, English and French being spoken all at the same time! haha! How's that for mulicultural!?
Christian cooked for everyone and it was so lovely! The pork was amazing.

All (except one) of my new room mates were home when we got back. My room mate i pretty quiet (from England) but she's nice. We think similarly about a lot of things.
Three are from the USA and appear to be party goers and the other is from South Korea.

I didn't mind that they found my iPod dock and were using it, and I didn't mind their choice of music etc. ...what I did mind though was that I wok up today to find all these nasty dishes. Like a frypan and a pot with food still in it, caked on.
I was like. No. I am not putting up with this. after un-caking the food off the things I then washed them and wrote a note.

When one of the girls woke up she was all "you don't have to do that" and "the reason she didn't clean them was she was up til 4am".

Okay.. But it's not hard to put some hot water in a pan so it doesn't bake to it. ..and it's not even hard to empty spare food.
I don't want bugs, and I don'twant to wake up every morning with a funky smelling kitchen. That, and we all have to use the same stuff. Leaving it liek that will ruin the things becuase you have to like scrape them to get the stuff off.

I got a little annoyed at their response, considering I was doing them a favour and they really should know that it's not that hard to clean up after yourself. I swear that if they don't pick up their act I am going to turn into an angry kimmie or move apartments!!

I think if I hadn't said anything than they might have considered it was ok and keppt doing it. So I'd rather be a 'mean' person to start with, than end up with a problem.
I swear in every apartment this happens. There's always someone who grumbles. ...but I mean if people would just do basic things then it wouldn't be a problem.

Enough grumbling!
I'm going to Magic Kingdom and Company D and Cast Connection today! Woo!
Days off are the best. :D



  1. Hi Kimmie! I know what you mean with the dishes, when I was doing my disney college program I always tried to clean my dishes after I used them, but some girls didn't, and I hardly ever cleaned it for them, but another of our roommate did clean up after the messy ones and got mad at all of us, leaving notes and saying we should always clean up after ourselves.
    The thing is that she always cleaned and them complained, I believe she should have either just complained and let the messy girls clean it or just clean it and don't complain. If you do both the messy girls will never get the point, and you'll get the more tidy ones really upset with you. So it's really a "lost-lost" situation, instead of a "win-win" one. Trust me, it's happened to me. I can understand how you roommates must not be appreciative of your cleaning because no one asked you to, just like when my roommate would clean everything and them complain that she did everything hefself, we never asked her to do that, so she can't be mad at us for CHOOSING to clean everything herself.

    Just trying to help.... hope you have a great stay over there!

  2. You should try spontaneous dancing! :P

  3. Hi Kimmie,

    Just wondering -
    You have a social security number so that you can pay taxes in America right?
    Do you have to put in a tax return then and will you get the money you pay out back?


  4. Gabi - I understand what you are saying. I think I learnt this the hard way. I will explain in my next blog. :/

    Richard - uhm, actually I did dance last night! It felt good!

    Narelle - I think that's what it is for, yes. ...and I have heard we do get a tax return at the end of our programme if we finish it...but some people say otherwise. I guess I will have to find out?

    Thanks guys for your comments :)