Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 2, and you're by yourself!

Hello everyone!

Yesterday was the first non "trainee" day at the pizza shop, which means I was left totally and utterly to myself.
Although I asked a gazillion questions (I can never remember what comes with chips and what with breadsticks, for instance) it was better than the day before.
I think because I got to experience a lot more guest interaction. I was serving people most of the time up until close.

Most of the guests last night were very lovely, and one of the older lasdies even called me a sweetheart. :)
I love being allowed (and encouraged) to comment on people's attire/buttons and striking random conversations with them.

I was a little inspired by the girl who worked with me who was really good at asking people about their day and having fun convos with them!
My favourite things to comment on were the little girls who were dressed up as princesses, they are so cute!
There were these two girls, both dressed up as Jasmine, for instance. I started talking to them, and found out that their fav princesses were actually Cinderella and Belle! So of course I asked, "why did you decide to dress up as Jasmine then?" Their response was "because I was that last year". Wow. I didn't quite know what to say to that one... Suggestions? Simulations, anyone?

Also there was this lady who had a "happy birthday" pin on her bag. I asked if it was her birthday(she might have left it on by accident?), and she lit up replying with a "yes!". Of course then I wished her a "happy birthday!" and she walked off with a smile and thanked me.

Little things like that make the shifts so much more enjoyable!

I found out yesterday there were these pre-break meetings. They pretty much go around asking everyone to describe magic moments. Yesterday they had food as "bribes" but I think that might have been a one off.
I was thinking about mentioning the day before when I had *just* gotten off the bus in my costume and a guest asked me where somthing was. Of course I had no idea but tried to help him as much as I could. He proceeded to thank me profusely, even though I thought I hadn't really done much.
I have no idea if it would have counted as a magic moment, but the guest was much less stressed and happier after his encounter with me. I guess if you are just polite and try your best, most people will be happy about that.
In any case I didn't have to offer a story becuase I got free food since I was a newbie. :)

The kitchen still is a maze to me. I got lost several times. I kept being asked to do tasks, and in my mind I could see where it was, but I couldn't find it in reality! At least the chefs in the "hot line" (I actually found out what in the world people meant when they said this. I thought I had to ring a number but it just meant the helpful chefs in this area who will help you) were nice.

I got to press the yellow button too! (woo!) It's for when someone has an allergy. I have no idea why I was excited to do that, but I guess since it was the first time and I actually remembered what to do. ;)

Oh, random thing!
A cast member who I worked with last night (actually a few of them) invited me to Miami this friday!? The transport is $20 and since I have the day off I thought, sure why not? I mean the idea is to experience as much as possible. I like travel, and I would have nice people to go with.
My other friends work that day so I'd be lonered anyway. Though...I don't think I'll be getting much sleep thursday night because I finish work at 11pm (I guess on good point is that it's not 12 like the pizza one) and then have to get this other bus at 4am (it's a 3hour drive and we want the most amount of time as we can to explore the place).
Then again, who needs sleep when they are on the ICP? I mean really? Why would you even want to sleep, right?

In not so fun news, apparantly people were talking abou me behind the scenes, about how I was "fully trained" and probably shouldn't be so lost.

Well I'm so sorry if I got a whirlwind tour in day one and cannot remember the thousand things I was told.
I was annoyed by that.
I know we aren't supposed to show our thoughts in front of guests but it was hard knowing that people where being kind of harsh towards me. It actually made me forget even more things to be honest. I just felt they were treating me as if I was stupid.
I am a human, I cannot remember everything. I know I ask lots of questions but its because I'd prefer I get things right. I can't believe they expect me to remember everything!
Once I get the hang of things though, I am one of the most effiecient and smiley people around!
I'll show them.

Then, attached to that, I was left to close front all by myself. I tried my best but I didn't really know what I was doing and had to ask this poor girl who tried to help me as much as she could. I felt bad though because she was trying to clean up what she needed to and must have gotten annoyed at me.
Then when it came to the spoilage sheet I looked at it and seriously wanted to cry. Ounces and pounds? Are you kidding me? I have no idea what a pound or an ounce even looks like!

There was no-one around so I was getting really frustrated, especially when I had told the manager (who was nice) at the meeting that I couldn't understand these measurements. I hated being stranded by myself trying to close by a certain time (pretty much the longer I took, the longer it was till I got to go home).

Eventually I got the girl I mentioned earlier to try and help me. She said that the ladle thing was 3 ounces, so to just count everything like that. That did help, but there were things in pounds that I couldn't do that for, so I was once again stuck.

I pretty much just had to ask all cast members and chefs who walked by for help. It was sort of humiliating because they expected me to do it all and know it all, but I couldn't.
In the end I did the best that I could. I didn't know what I was meant to clean, and they only told me about 1 or 2 things they would inspect me on. :(
I handed my spoilage sheet in (which had food all over and then went to the center bar so that they could inspect what I had done.
The guy was mostly happy but I had missed a few spattered spots that I had somehow overlooked and then I hadn't cleaned the pizza oven, which I didn't realise I had to do because it was hot...

In any case I got out by about 12.10. So I think I did OK considering I was so stranded and in need of help.
I have no idea if I did the spoilage sheet right, but it would be nice if I have...?

I have a sore throat. Michael. I blame Michael. Yooooooou gave me your sore throat. Curse you I say! It better go away..

I think the Disney gods want to challenge me as much as they can.
Just keep poking me with a stick, ok? But don't poke too much because then I might fall off the wooden plank, and that probably wouldn't make you as happy as Captain Hook would be if I were Peter Pan.
Did anyone understand what I just said?

Anyway, related to that...

Today I am trained at another shop called the Broiler. That means lots more info....which is ok I guess, except I just got a txt and greeeat (smile and suck it up, yes?), more fun news.
One of the girls organising the Miami thing said "Ewwwwww" in regards to my shift time today. Apparantly I have to open and close. Joyous, another massive amount of information hurled at me! Most likely I'll be expected to know all of this tomorrow as well, because I will no longer be 'new.' Fun.

This morning I woke up and I had all these lovely messages from you guys and my NZ friends (it makes my day, please don't stop :) ).
Too bad it was somewhat spoiled by the fact that I found a letter addressed to me on the table.
It practically said that:
-> I have no choice but to move out of my apartment on Aug 2-4 (since the apartment will be empty as my flatmates are moving out).

I was like, noooooo.
a.) it's really annoying that I have to move so soon after getting here and settling in
b.) I'm going to be the new outsider all over again (and probably end up with the old crappy furniture, right after I got all the stuff here fixed!)
c.) I hate that I have no choice
d.) Couldn't they have thought about this before? Like I come from so far away and yet they decide to move me into an apartment with occupants that they -know- are leaving a few weeks later. Not cool.
e.) I have to move all my STUFF. Even my food. Help, someone?? Anyone? :(

I feel as if I just get used to things and then I'm grabbed and tossed somewhere else. It's very frustrating, is all I can say. ...and it better not be like this for too much longer because my patience does have a limit. I will complain to someone. I will write a letter. I will do something. I want for my time here to be more enjoyable and less stressful!

...and on that note.

I am going to go for a swim and wash my hair before have to get ready for work.
Oh, and I might squeeze in time to eat? I actually find I don't eat too much here. Either because I forget to eat or I'm eally not hungry. The food I do eat, mostly I am forcing myself to.
Where has my craving for food gone? :S



  1. Try memorize some of this :P

    Can't believe you have to move out soon :( Not cool. But I'm sure your work's gonna become much more 'magical'! Good customer interaction can make the day go pretty quickly.

    *lots of NZ love*

  2. thanks for trying to help. ...they do everything in strange measurements though. Like 3 ounces and like 26ounces...etc I'm not even bothering to convert. I'm just trying to memorise what it looks like.

  3. aw! i'm sure it'll all settle down in a few days, once you're moved into your new apartment, had a bit more experience you'll be sweeet as ;) and you'll def show the others up with how skillful you will be once you know all the stuff :P I know what you mean about the food craving thing ae! I didn't eat much at all for the first 2 weeks i was down here, things were so hectic and in a new place it was hard to just relax, & not be stressed and have time to eat properly.

    Keep going bro it'll def get easier for ya! Keep being social, it always makes the day so much better no matter how stressful it is. Have fun in miami! (actually jealous of this right now haaha, i want warm sunshine!) Hope you're making heaps of new friends! Keep us updated! (i do read them even if i don't comment :P) xx <3

  4. yay! It's a comment from Hannah! So exciting :D

    I am trying my best, and thanks for your supprt :)