Sunday, July 25, 2010

Premium Outlet and Food Basics

Ok its nearly midnight once again (I swear it's impossible to go to bed early here) so quick update:

- had Food and Beverage Basics course at Disney Uni today
- came back to vista
- got onthe wrong bus to try and get to commons. It went to Epcot instead. So I had a much longer ride than I anticipated
- walked from Chatham (the GPS said I should get off there) in the hot sun (it was hard work to Premium Outlets.
- I got somewhat lost regardles sof the GPS. It showed me the route, except I couldn't go the way it wanted me to because there was a giant fence
- Luckily, I managed to talk to the parking dude in the golf cart who let me out of the Hilton Lodge exclusive area....
- Premium Outlets is pretty cool. It's almost like a quiant little village.
- I went aroudn a few shops, it was lovel and cool inthe air con buildings!
- It was a mission to find my work shoes.
- I eventually got some black -slip resistant- sketchers.
- I then got some special thin socks that breathe well, from Hush Puppies. They only had one pair in what I wanted though, so I gave them my number and they will let me know when they have more in. In the meantime I hope a dark blue (could be mistaken for black from a distance) with suffice
- Then decided to go to Publix because
a.) I'd heard it was good
b.) I was meaning to go to Walmart anyway, but it was ages away
c.) I was curious to see what it was like. Actually I was just going to have a quick look and then go to Walmart but I liked Publix too much. It had all this wonderful healthy food for one thing!!

- Then I had the problem of getting back to Vista. The buses had finished going past there a few hours before (laaaaame). I got a taxi.
- Too bad there was then a major traffic jam.
- I didn't want to pay lots for just sitting so I asked if the driver could go to the Commons instead, hoping I could get a bus from there
- That worked ok except I was freaking out because not much actually goes past the Commons, and I had all these groceries, so it's not like I could walk (or wanted to by this point)
- Luckily the C bus (the one that went to Epcot earlier) saved the day and it's my new favourite bus :P haha
- I got back here, tidied the palce a bit
- Did some laundry.
- Had to get some bread and meat. So walked to Walgreens which is about a 5min walk.
- ended up getting those things + a 12kg thing of water.

So. I am tired. I think I have done a months worth of exercise today. I felt gross.
Luckily I now feel lovely because I also managed to have a wonderful shower. :P

- Lastly, I finished the DVD that I couldn't quite finish last night

...and noooow I'm going to bed!!!

but before I go, here's tomorrow:

- I have an e-learning class at 9am
- am hoping to go to Magic Kingdom after that tomorrow with Hayley. :) Nightastic is on until late August and that's apparantly a 'must see'


Night ya'll

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