Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 4 and Miami (day 5)

On thurday it was my first day by myself opening and closing he Boiler (inthe mornig I went for a swim and watched a DVD - got to love free time :D. Too bad the pool makes my hair feel like horse hair. Nasty cholrine). I was a little nervous because I remembered how hard it was to remember everything for when I had to do all the Pzza shop stuff.

However, somehow I actually managed to remember almost everything without asking for help!

In fact the only thing I stuffed up on was that I pulled the food from the main warmers and set it up under the front warmers too early. The chef told me to put it all back. XD The thing abou this is that I kind of was woering mysef if it was okay to do that. The day before we hd put things out a litteearl, but I couldn't remember what time exactly.
Anyway, apart from that, I was good! I even figured out how to re-stock everything. :D

There are new rules about the meal plan for that place though and so I am once again confused about it!

I was working with this one girl for most of the night. It was strange because it was almost as if she had been there less time than me! She was practically doing everything I asked her to do, and agreed with me on eveything. I felt almost as if I was in charge?

At close I cleaned everything and was like speedy gonzales! I cleaned everything as thoroughly as I possibly could, only to look at the clock and realist only 20mins had gone by. 40mins to do what, exactly? :/
I had to go to the manager and get her to assess me. Apart from one spot (which I had seen myself but thought it was a stain since I couldn't get it off) which she pointed to which I tried to explain I couldn't get off (only to use my fingernail and find it came off easy...ooops) it was all good :)
She asked when I finished, I said 11, and then she decided to give me more tasks to do!
The day prior we must have done everything reeeeeally slowly so that we didn't have to do extra work. But anyway.
I ended up helping with 2 drink coolers.
The first was the girl's who was working wih me, and then I was at a loss to what to do since we had finished that and the manager was busy talking to guests for ages.
Then I saw this other girl who had a lot of drinks to fill, so I wentover to help her.
She was from China, and we had a nice conversation whilst doing that.
I learnt some strange new things. Like that little bottles of water are in a diff place to the other drinks, and large bottles of water are not even inside! lol! I was like.....what? How would a newbie know that? Good thing there are helpful people around. :)

I liked my manager though, she is nice. :)

Yesterday (friday) I got up at 3am (after getting back to the apartment at 12.30am XD)
I got ready and then went to Walgreens.
Can't say I liked being there at 3.40am by myself....
So I stayed under good lighting and I txted /called the people I was meant to be going with.
A random black cat slunk by. It kind of made me wonder how superstitious I was. ...but then I reasoned that I love black cats and horses, so it was nothing to worry about.
It was so quiet and I had this sinking feeling that maybe I had been pranked?
However, at about 3.50am I noticed that still no-one was to be found, and that an unusally large amount of people at 3.50am were walking the opposite direction to where I was.
So I followed them
...only to find that the party bus was where they were going!

Soooooo glad I followed them. That would have been bad if I had been left behind from being at the wrong place. Sure, I could have gone back and gotten soem sleep, but I would have missed out on so much!

The party bus was not the scary thing I had heard rumours of. Possibly it was a different bus?
Anyway, it was just a giant bus with a toilet at the back and a tv. It also had a good sound system (that was up too loud the entire trip!)
We had so many people, and 3 (almost) full buses!
Apparantly this is a popular trip and doesn't happen often! So I was glad I managed to get involved.

They played some -interesting- music on the way down. Some was good, some was fun (they played a song about arriving in Miami when we were doing so, for instance). The movie choices were strager though. There was this AI film which was very loud and the little boy's screeching prevented me from sleeping. I would be dozing off only to be woken by something like "MOMMY!"

Miami is a beautiful place with palm trees everywhere. It has all these (what looks like) islands everywhere, with piers and boats. Its very peaceful (the part I saw, anyway... not the city) and I could understand why people would want to live there.

The first thing we did when we were dropped off was go to the BEACH!

I do not remember the last time I went to the beach and actually went swimming! With the arctic coldness that is Wellington's beaches, I avoided it.

The sand was white (preeeeeetty!), but it was not soft and powdery unfortunatley!

There we umbrellas and seats everywhere along the waterfront. We dumped our stuff under an umbrella....only to get this guy coem up to us telling us that it was $12 to rent an umbrella!
Really? You have to pay to rent an umbrella?
So much for kind generosity, no?
You also had to pay for the seats, but we decided against them.

So after paying for our umbrella a few of us went into the sea, including myself.

It was BEAUTIFUL! The water wa amazingly see through. There were no waves. No sudden deep drops. No seeweed everywhere.
The only things around us were FISH! ..and they were harmless fish so we didn't worry about them.
The pelicans were having a feed though! That's right, I was swimming near pelicans! So cool!

The arcitecture of the buildings around us ws very nice. A good backdrop. :)

We stayed in the sea for goodess knows how long, but it was fun!

My fav moment though was when a fish jumped out of the water and smacked Christian in the face! That was one very funny moment. :P I personally wish it had gone in his mouth though, THAT would have really been funny!

After that we went to find somewhere to have lunch.

It was pbvious that the econmy was not booming down there. We had al lthese desperate people trying to get us to eat at their establishment.
It was a good thing for us though.
We were going to settle on a place called Jonny Rocket, but then this place that looked posh offered us free drinks, appetisers, desserts and 20% off our mains.
We were sold... yup!

Although I could not drink, I observed that the drinks there were in the most MASSIVE glasses!
I wanted a frozen daquiri, but they wouldn't make a non-alc version. :'(

I learnt a very random thing whislt waiting for the food.

In Puerto Rico, they believe that if you can tie a cherry stem in your mouth with only your tongue, you are a good kisser. I did not try, but the guy from PR did, and it was amazing. I was like...woah.
Of course then the french guy was picked on because you know the rumour that the french are supposed to be good kissers?
Eventually he took up the challenge to try. It took him a while but he got there in the end. lol. Proved his manliness, huh?

So maybe this is a good test to get any guy you are interested in to try before you decide to go further...? ;)

Anyway so that was fun, and the food was nice. Our waiter was nice too. Charming, almost.
The bill was bigger than we explected because there were all these things added, like a donation to something and GST and the gratuity (tip). However, with all those free things my total still only came to $16. So I thought it wasn't too bad. ...but that experience doesn't really make me want to eat out very often. It feels a little sneaky to me.

One of the girls came shopping with me after. It took us ages to find the sort of thing we wanted, but it was enjoyable. I really didn't like all the people trying to get us to eat at their place whilst we were walking, but you just have to say "I've eaten" and walk off.

I got a pretty blue convertable skirt, a bracelet and a top with wings on the back.

Later, we went back to see what the others were up to and grab the rest of my things.
I got there to find that they had been abandoned under the umbrella!
What the? Who would leave someone's stuff there just waiting for it to be stolen!? It's not like it was heavy, and they woud have felt worse from the guilt if it had been stolen. It would have been so easy for someone to have taken it!
Thank goodness they didn't!
Maybe black cats are good luck for me?

Chaffing, is not fun though. It always seems to happen to me after being at the beach. Darn you, sand.

Then we wanted to wait somewhere cool whilst we waited for the bus to come. We found a place and my friend got a milkshake. We were wandering around for a while only to turn around and find that the others in the group were behind us, filming! Gaaaaaah.

When it was nearly 6pm we went to the bus. The trip home was good, but can't say I likedthe choice of movie. At least it was a good reason to sleep. It's really not comfy to sleep sitting though!

At our rest stop I saw I was a little burnt (hey, I managed to get by al lthis time without getting burnt, so I'm impressed).
This morning though I notice the burn has disappeared! I must not have gotten very burnt then. That, and it was only 2 small spots that I must have missed with the sunscreen. :)

Today I have my 2nd day off and I'm not entirely sure on the plans.
Eventually I'm planning to put the rest of my photos up (been slack lately, I know) but I'll prolly hang out with Michael doing goondess knows what.

Right now know I'm going to get myself organsied, and go get some new costumes! The trip in itself will take an hour, even if the getting of new costumes takes only a few mins. :/

Talk to ya'll soon!
Everyone loves free time. :D


By the way - thanks to everyone who has offered to help me move apartments. Very kind of you :)

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  1. Aw wow sounds like you had an amazing time!!! Jealous! We had such a rank rainy weekend here :( x