Tuesday, July 27, 2010

First Day of work


I felt all nervous and uncomfortable for the -entire- shift. I also was mentally attacking myself because I think I accidentilly signed in too early. :/ ..and with the accident I had the other day (the bus driver was late, but I was meant to ge the bus after - so I ended up thinking I was meant to start at 8am, not 9am, and

Basically yesterday I felt very much like an outsider.
When I first came in there were nice people in the break room that I hung out with, but then as they left I was like...okay. People kept staring at me and didn't tlak to me at all.

Then I didn't know we had to bring a lock so we could put or stuff in lockers. So I put my things in the managers office. But I do't think my lock will fit those lockers, so I'm going to have to get hold of one asap. :/

There was a lot of info hurled at me yesterday.
I remembered quite a lot, but still had to ask a lot of questions.

The meal plans are something I didn't understand much in training (there are all these options you could choose and I could never remember what plan had what) but practically every 2nd customer was asking about them! I was freaking out!

I can't say I like kitchen stuff. I prefer customer interaction (even if they can't understand me) because you get to smile and talk to the guests.

I only ever get one break regardless of the length of my shift (which is always 8.5 hours at the moment). That upsets me

I can't have a watch.

I have to do my hair up in more than just a ponytail.

The cap limits my vision.

Everything is in pounds and ounces! I'm so very lost!!! We have to write down spoliage but I have NO clue how much of everything I am recording!

I can't say everyone plays by the same rules...

I have to go alll the way to the break room (it's a maze going around the kitchen) to get a drink or go to the bathroom. I'm not allowed a water bottle. :'(

One of the cast members got cranky at me because there were these 2 guys who looked similar and ordered similar things and she was doing one guys order and I was doing another, and I think she repeated the order I was doing. :/ Oops..

We had to wait for the manager to inspect our cleaning and tell us we could go home. Except we were waiting about 20mins and she never came.

The bus was 30mins late. So I got back at 1.20am.
After working that long and freaking out for so long, I was upset that I had to wait an HOUR after my shift finished until I could get back, and 1.5hours until I got to my apartment.

There of course were some good things. I liked the guests. They were pretty nice on the whole.
One guest even said "Kimmie" to get my attention because I was focussing on another guest. That gave me a fright.

I have the same shift today, except I don't get help this time. Talk about nerve wracking.
I mean I picked up a lot yesterday, but there's a lot to remember.
..and then they move me to a diff shop after this shift, so I'm going to have to remember a whole new bunch of info. Gaaaaah. There are about 4 shops I am being put in too...

Enough with the negative.
It's pretty interesting being so independent. Scary at times. Lonely at times. ..but on the whole I'm enjoying the experience. I am glad I've got some nice people to hang out when I hav time (trying to find time to hang out with the diff schedules is going to be interesting...).

If you are a close friend and I haven't yet sent you something in the mail, feel free to send me your address and I might be able to send you something in my time off. Please reply too. I'm sure you all know how much a bad day can be made better with mail. :)

Random positive thing to look forward to:
If I'm still here, and sane, Hayley and I are going to try book Cinderella's Royal Table for April next year (you have to book 6months in advance because it's really popular). That would be a fun thing to do.

Right now I'm just like, agh! I can't wait until I get to change to Merch in 6months time!!! That, and, am I even going to survive this programme?! :S

I love and miss you guys!

Uhm, where have the wonderful comments gone, everyone? ;)


  1. Hey Kimmie, I found your blog through a friend's blog, I've been reading it every day. I've worked at the Emporium, the shop that you went the other day, I loved it! But I remember how scary your first day can be, just hang on there, you can make it, soon enough you'll be able to do all of your tasks in your sleep!! Don't worry, the first days are the hardest, but it usually gets better... I think you'll enjoy it after you get used to everything.
    Have a great day!!

  2. Sorry to hear you are having a tough time getting used to everything, really love your blog, as Gabi says "Hang in there" I'm sure things will pick up real soon:)

  3. Aww Kimmie *big hugs*

    My first week at every cafe I've worked at has always been horrendous but it's all UPHILL from here I promise :) Once you learn all the new tasks you'll start to really enjoy things. And I'm sure the other workers there won't be too bad once they get to know you either.

    Best of luck - we miss you!


  4. Heya

    Everything should be fine once you pick it up. Just don't worry too much and try and stay calm. And ask questions if you're not sure about something - it's always better than stuffing up. Though if you do make a mistake, you're bound to remember for next time. Hope everything gets better, and keep enjoying yourself!