Saturday, July 17, 2010

It's time!

Hello again!

Yesterday I mentioned how if I managed toget time I'd update and add pictures, right? Well, I would upload the pictures, except the site is "temporarily unavaliable." They'll make it up eventually though. :)

I'll fill in a little whilst I have some time.

Today at 12 I check in at Vista Way to the arrival centre. There I have to present them with a mountain of paperwork (I hope I have everything...?) and they will eventually give me the key to my apartment! I'm guessing they'll place me into Vista. (instead of Chatham or Patterson, the newer buildings)

I'll probably see Michael there, who I've been in contact with this morning.

I am wearing my NZ cast member t-shirt. So upsetting how living out of a suitcase = most things get crushed (which includes this t-shirt :( ). So I think I'm going to have to do a mountain of ironing (this will take hours, I can tell......) at some point.

The pics I haven't uploaded yet are of the smithsonian, driving in D.C and the 12hour drive to Florida!

We got caught in a massive peak hour traffic jam. We were crawling for probably an hour on an interstate. It was terrible...

I didn't get to see an Armadillo in Georgia. :(
At least I got to see those fireflies in NC. They were awesome.

Just a warning that it was very hard to take good pics in the Smithsonian, since everything was behind glass or in bad light. I did get an awesome picture of the Hope diamond though! See:

Oh and guess what? I went to a "TGIF" (restaurant) on a friday! ;)

Ok well I'm going to finish packing up and then I set foot onto Disney soil.

Catch ya'll later!


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