Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 3 - the Broiler


I'm super duper tired because I got home late and then my room mate has been packing allllll night because she leaves today. (not to mention I have to get up at like 3.20am tomorrow morning too........)

I have to leave and get ready in a minute because I have plans before work this afternoon.

So I'll make this quick.

Yesterday I worked at this place called the Broiler which basically has home cooked meals and roast dinners. Luckily, it is much easier to open and close than pizza!

Today I once again have to be by myself. So I way paying as much attention as I could yesterday so today wouldn't be as stressful.

Since it was easier than pizza (though in the rushes and when the chef dissappeared it got a little crazy) it wasn't too bad. I got more of a chance to speak with guests.

There was this one lady who only spoke spanish. So I attempted to help her with the little amount of spanish I remember. She gets what I'm meaning but it takes a while and she looks a little unsure. Then after several minutes of this, I find out the guy one away from her speaks spanish and had just been standing there the whole time. Gee, thaaaaanks. He tok over after a while whihc I was graeful for, but I just thought it was almost like he was amused watching me hence he didn't speak out sooner.

I had fun interacting with a little guy about his star wars t-shirt. He was all shy and it was so cute. :P

OK. Soooooo tired.
..but I have to get ready.

In summary though, yesterday wasn't too bad, and I hope today I can cope ok by myself. Remembering where everything is stocked is the hardest thing probably.

That's all folks!


  1. Booyah! Go Star Wars! :P What pictures etc were on his t-shirt?

    That Spanish speaking guys sounds lame. Though he could've been letting you practice your Spanish instead.

  2. wow...I just updated and read all your posts. sounds CRAZY out there! I hope you have SOME fun!!! goodness!

  3. JENN! Welcome! :D
    It is a whirlwind adventure, but don't worry, on my time off I do fun things. :)

    Richard - I think the guy found t amusing that I was so lost haha.
    I cannot remember hat was on the littl kids t-shirt, but I saw star wars and went from there