Thursday, July 22, 2010

Disney's Animal Kingdom!

Today I had a day off. :)

I woke up at 8am. Which was unfortunate because I forgot about a skype call appointment. :(
Hopefully I can make that up soon enough. Sometimes the extreme time change sucks though!

After getting myself sorted and making a packed lunch, I decided to check out the bus I'll have to go on tomorrow.
So I caught the "G" bus, and luckily there weren't many people on it. I asked the bus driver if he could please let me know when my stop was, because it looked complicated on my schedule.
Eventually (about 35mins later) I was at the Carribbean Beach Resort stop.
I got off and was like. What the? I don't see a resort. I just see 2 shed things. :/ However, I found the 'B' shed I was meant to go to tomorrow, and then I rushed back on the bus because I didn't want to wait another 40mins for aother bus in what looked like the middle of no-where!

So I got back and decided to go grab a few things from Walgreens to fill in some time. My formal black shoes have been giving me blisters, so I got some special blister stop stuff, which I'm hoping will help. Especially since I have to wear them for the next 2 days, with a descent amount of walking tomorrow!

After that I waited for the bus to Animal Kingdom (aka DAK).

It took about 45mins to get there (ergh would suck to work so far away).
Then I had to figure out where to go.
Luckily I managed to ask someone and found out it wasn't far at all!

The Animal Kingdom is reeeeeally nice.
It's full of greenery, like a tropical jungle. It has all the character of the different continents/areas it contains and is just a nice place to explore. :)

I did the Kilimanjaro Safari, Expedition Everest and Dinosaur amongst other things.

The Safari was pretty fun. I have lots of pics :). You could tell it was majorly scripted though. haha. However, it would be fun to be a driver since the animals are not static, so things would have to be maliable.

Everest was slightly dissapointing. I was expecting to be scared, but I wasn't. :( That, and it's not as fast as I was expecting either. :/
It was still a nice smooth ride though. I also was impressed with the decorations throughout the waiting line. You wouldn't get too bored waiting in the line because there was a lot of look at!

Dinosaur reminder me of the Indiana Jones ride. When it gets all pitch black I thought it was the best because it could be scary since you loose orientation and your senses...

I managed to catch a parade while I was there, and even a dance party (in the street, cool, yes?). The cast members were even dancing. Very cool. :P

I just really enjoyed the atmosphere. Although it was hot and I stayed in shade a lot of the time, it was so nice and peaceful.

You know what I found out today that's dissapointing though? There's no Matterhorn at Disney World like there is at Disneyland! :( That ride is so much fun!

Anyway, I shall put the pictures up soon for ya'll to peruse....
Edit: I somehow managed to take (after deleting ones that were blurry etc) 169 photos.... So uh I'm going to upload those tomorrow because it's nearly midnight and I have to get up at about 6am tomorrow!


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