Monday, July 26, 2010

Magic Kingdom and Nightastic!

Today I have my first day of work in my costume! Isn't that exciting/scary?! I start at 3.30pm though (finish at midnight...), so I got to sleep in after last night's activities, and I have a DVD to finish. ;)

Yesterday, I met Hayley at the Magic Kingdom bus at something like 4.30pm. The park was open until 11 so that gave us plenty of time to do all the main rides and explore a little.

It was still really hot by the time we got there (we had to get the monorail through the Contemporary to get to Magic Kingdom) so air con Merch shops were our friends. :P

I felt like an undercover guests when I was wandering around. I was also going around noticing all the things that our Traditions people would have been appauled by! Cast members not doing the Disney point, cast members talking negatively, not being approachable, not trying to get answers to questions ("let me find out") and instead just saying they don't know.
There were only one or two cast members that we mentally 'passed.' Isn't that shocking? :/
Some of those aren't even hard. The Disney point is pretty basic, for instance....
Thumbs up and pixie dust to the custodial guy who was drawing pictures on the pavement with his mop though! I was very impressed. He should get a raise. haha ;)

Now, I know the last time I went to Disney, was about 5years ago, but I felt -massive- in these rides! My legs felt quite cramped and I felt like I wasn't meant to ride. Have I grown or have I just forgotten the space allowance in some rides?

One thing I found really fascinating was the plans for some new rides!! One is based on the Little Mermaid and the other on Beauty and the Beast!!
I love both those movies. :D Unfortunately, they won't be avaliable for a few years yet, but here's some info if you are interested.

Here's a presentation about the expansions that he mentions will be up in 2012. Looks awesome!!!! I have to come back for it, that's for sure!

The Little Mermaid ride might be something like this.

Here's the Beauty and the Beast Ride

Aren't they pretty looking?!

Anyway, back to yesterday.
Nightastic was pretty much the reason for coming, since it finishes sometime in mid-late August. The programme said it started at 9, but it was lying and it actually started at 10!!! The Electric Night Parade was on at that time instead, but I'm really sick of that parade and wanted to avoid it. The music is hypnotising....

So we went on Splash Mountain because Nightastic didn't appear to exist. ..and then straight after we got off the ride, it started! Talk about good timing. It was really amazing. I want to go back and see it agian before it stops.

We got really lucky with Space Mountain and it was an awesome attraction to finish with. We had gotten fast passes for 5 hours later (the wait was 60mins at the time we returned and 70 after we got off the ride!) and that cut A LOT of the queue. Then, because we were a party of 2 we got to cut even more of the line! So we were only in a queue for about 10mins! It was awesome. :D
The Space Mountain here is quite a lot different to the once in Disneyland. It feels slower, but there's been a lot more effort put into the decorations and themeing. It also felt longer here, and the queue line decorating is far superior in my opinion.

After Nightastic and Space Mountain we had to get through the massive sea of people. We went shopping on Main Street for a little while because it was so pretty and I didn't have work till this afternoon.
I managed to get a hold of the CD 'Wishes', which has the music from the show (which will take back over from Nightastic). I was excited for that because it's such a pretty show and thelast time we were in Disneyland we wanted a copy but the CD didn't exist then!
I bought a few other things, yeah, got to love cast discount haha.
The Emporium is pretty cool. It has a lot of merchandise. I wouldn't mind working there actually...

We then had another stroke of luck because we manged to grab the bus just in time before it left! Woo! I think it was that pixie dust from the other day...

Righteo, I'm going to finish my DVD and then get ready for work.

Talk to ya'll later!

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