Friday, July 23, 2010


Hey ya'll :)

Today was long and a little frustrating.

I had to get up early (about 6.40am) to get a bus to my training session today called "POP into the Islands". I almost missed it becuase I thought it was a later time than it was. But I got all good.

It was called that because POP Century Resort is right next to Carribbean Beach Resort, so they share some facilities. They have a pretty nice lunch room there (theone where I work is not as nice - in fact it kind of freaked me out a little. I'm not sure why, but I got shivers down my spine.
I also got a headache. Which was annoying becaue I had drunken a lot and I wasn't hot or exhausted, which what normally cuses them. So I am at a loss. Possibly it was because I had to try and concentrate for so long...?

Anyway so the day involved a lot of introductory stuff, safety stuff and activities. It wasn't too bad. I realy enjoyed getting to tour the Carribbean Beach Resort though. That place is really pretty. They have all these measures in place to make all guests feel comfortable and well cared for!
They have lots of anials too - like alligators and turtles and flamingo type birds (not really sure what they were, but they looked like minature flamingos)!

However when it came to the costuming, that's where it got worse. They actually couldn't find anything that fit me properly! All the other girls were fine and got sizes 12/14 US. In Walmart and other places I've found clothing fine and I'm a US12. With Disney everything was reeeeeeally tiny. I am not sure if it isbecause of my abnormally long legs and big hip bones, but nothing worked - and it didn't help that notall the pants were the same, they have different style variations which further changed the size. I couldn't even do the pants up!
In the end (after trying on numerous pant sizes!!!) I had to get a size US20!!!!!!! I was pretty much about to cry, because in no way am I that size and it made me feel awful. The pants feel like clown pants to me. They are boofy, but only just fit my waist. Isn't that bizarre?! I mean I'm not that strange looking, am I?!
I was told Disney sizing is weird, but it really doesn't cater for Kimmies!!
So after I finally had that sorted, I found out there was only ONE other pair of pants that size and style (and that place is MASSIVE). So I only have 2 sets of my costume. Eeryone else has 5! So I eitherhave to go back often, or use them more than once.

Well going there often is definately not what I want to do because the busses do NOT frequently pass by there.

In fact that leads onto the next grumble. After I forgot my paperwork (I was stressed out and frazzled [is that even a word?] so I forgot and the lady came running after me...) I also almst stood waiting for the bus when I hadn't even finished the day's activities! I was like... argh! I have to go and get my schedules and get the HUB log on info!!!!

So I rushed back and did that. When I'd done everything I had to wait for the bus. he next bus wasn't for 30mins. ...and it was POURING with rain (still warm though). So yay. I had to wait practically in the middle of nowhere when I was alone feeling and irritable. I just wanted to get back to the apartment.
Too bd for me, because then the bus was 15mins late...and then there was MAJOR traffic. So I ended up getting back to the apartment 2 hours later than I had expected to. :/

I get back only to find that the bathroom has somehow locked itself.
I then had to go and get some help with it. They gave me this weird looking device and luckily I managed to fix that.

Anyway. So now I'm a little tired and am going to watch a DVD.

My schedule says that I don't have a day off until next friday! That, and all my shifts end at either 11pm or midnight. Who eats quick service food/bev that late, anyway?!

I'm off.

I'm uploading the newest pics at the moment. They should be done soon.
Here are some feature pics from today.
Laugh and point at my costume. Go on, you know you want to.

Here's my 'certificate' from today too...

A random cool thing though. We can get out DVDs for freeeeee. :D


Please note I am well aware that because I type fast and when I am tired, I often make mistakes/typos. If you can't understand a mistake let me know. If you can, I'm not too worried...

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