Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Orientation Day 2

Today was the day we found out where we worked! I was a little freaked out...it was the "Disney Gods have spoken" moment! It was the time where I found out good or bad news that would haunt me for the next 6 months!

In chronological order, however...

Last night I got to meet the flatmates in Michael's apartment. They were pretty nice (again, girl hanging out with guys..?) and this one guy in particular, Mario, he was really nice. We had quite similar opinions and interests too, and it was fun talking about his wedding plans and new fiance. :)

Afterwards we were invited to go to dinner/drinks (non-alc.). So I decided, sure! I mean might as well take every opportunity to meet and hang out with new people, right?
I quite enjoyed myself too, which was a bonus. :)

Walking back to my apartment was weird though. It was about 11pm, but sooooo quiet (a lot of people were at the Cool Beans thing though)! There were frogs and lizards and squirrels everywhere!

Onto today though!

This morning was another 8.35am start. We got the bus to the Commons again.
There was A LOT of paperwork! They skipped through it so fast, that no-one got a chance to read. They did give an overview of what each piece of paper said, and we did get a copy of everything (which I will read tonight) but I was a little nervous about signing all over the place before getting a chance to look at it all.
One thing is that I'm not allowed to share Disney secrets, I know that one. So sorry guys. ;) Also anything I say is basically Disney property and can be patented. I guess I wont be saying too much then. haha. Unless it helps improve something at Disney...

So after all the paperwork we had several people give us presentations. They were serious but at the same time added some Disney flavour which was good.
It was hard to concentrate the whole time though since it was just so much information. Especially in regards to the bank stuff. A checklist of things to do would be good. I feel like I have all this stuff to remember and I won't remember it all!

They told us about security, discounts, travel (I need a 'purple form' if I want to go on a cruise or out of the USA during my programme), work related rules etc..

Then we were free for a few hours, so I watched Enchanted with Michael. I love that movie. :P Especially the So Close song!

After that it was the big moment!
We lined up and had to go to all these different stations. Each looked at/signed etc a bunch of my documents.
The 2nd station was where we found out which place we'd be working.
I got......

Disney's Carribean Beach Resort! See number 18 here for some perspective. :)

I was quite suprised becauseI hadn't considered that I might get put in a resort. In any case I think it's quite exciting sounding! Of course I will still be doing Quick Service Food and Beverage, but I hear ths resort is super laid back (which = relaxed guests, hopefully...?)
I will be working on Market Street.
From what I've seen of those costumes, I will most likely have to wear a shirt with some picture/floral pattern. In any case, when I have my costume I'll tae a picture to show ya'll. :)

The cool thing about Market street is that it's inside (air conditioning, woo!) but made to look like it's outside (like The Venetian in Las Vegas), see here for what I mean

Here are some pictures of the Carribean Resort too:

Click me
Click me too!

It's a "moderately" priced resort. To give you an idea of what Disney considers "moderate" pricing, how about US$104-200+ a night? :P

All in all though, I'm pretty excited to be working where I am. I mean it'll not be as glamourous as the resort looks to work there, but hey, I'm going to try and make the most out of it! :D

Tomorrow is Traditions!! Exciting stuff. That's where we get our disney park passes. :D Too bad I have to get the bus at 6.55am! :/

I'm going to go to the pool later... :)



  1. Frogs, lizards and squirrels?! Everywhere?! Cool! :D

  2. Hi there, I was introduced to your blog and I find it Really Interesting because I'm from Perth, Australia & I want to do this program too!

    Wonderful Adventures & I'm Totally Looking forward to Experiencing all this! :D

    Just curious to know, what are you working as?

    on a side note, yeowch, the patents and copyrights on disneyworld sounds really gross, you can't even say anything you want freely :( & I LOOOVVEEE Enchanted Too and put the Soundtrack on Repeat over and over again~!

  3. Hello there :)

    I a glad you managed to find my blog. I enjoy being able to share everything with people.

    I am working Quick service food and bev for the first 6mnths and Merch for the 2nd 6 months.

    Have you been accepted into the programme yet? They accepted 98 people from NZ and Aussie for this intake I'm in, and they do 2 a year....

    Yeah. I have to be really careful. Especially of what I write down here. I really don't want to be terminated because of something small that I say...

    Enchanted is cool :)

    Don't forget to click the "follow" button ;)