Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day off (enjoy it while it lasts?)

Hey everyone.
Quick update.
SO tired!!!!

That bed is eeeeevil. It's so squeaky and yucky. Can't wait to change mattresses. That, and the room is so LIGHT. I love dark. I'm a bat. I have to have darkness. I tried eye masks and also sleeping tablets, yet to no avail. It was like my eyes were plastered open. Possibly I got 1 or 2 hours sleep?

Today I was quite productive though.
After washing my hair with my new shampoo and conditioner, and then drying it with my new hair dryer and using all other fun new things, I went to the info centre to borrow an ironing board.

After about 1.5hours of ironing (parents, are you proud?) and totally unpacking my suitcases, I went to the bus stop. I was trying to get the Walmart bus to pick up some things I forgot yesterday. Except after waiting about 30mins I find out that it doesn't start going until 1pm on sundays. Nice...

Instead I went to hang out with the boys (the number has increased by the way).

Why do I hang out with all these guys and not girls you ask? Well it's simply because I haven't had a chance to make good girl friends yet. The guys are pretty nice anyway, so I'm content for the moment. :)

After that I went to get the Walmart bus. When we finally arrived at Walmart (bus was 15mins late) I spent about 3 hours there. Yeah. Crazy, I know. I was by myself this time which meant I looked at everything really carefully. It's so hard to find stuff in that place. Obviously you get better as you go more often and familiarise yourself with everything, but the place is so massive I got kind of irritable trying to find things.

Anyway, so ended up with about 12 bags of stuff (most is food for later, will last me quite a while), which cost $110. I was suprised, I thought it'd be worse. Especially since I was trying to buy all the healthy things.

Since it was hot and going on the bus back is painful (takes ages + trying to figure out whose bags were whose would have been a nightmare), I got a taxi. I would have preferred to have shared one, but I guess the $15 (inc tip) was worth it.
I shouldn't need to buy so much from now on since I got the big things, so prolly won't be necessary later.

The taxi scared me. A lot. It was all beaten up looking and the driver seemed distant. That, and he was a little rude. Also. He drove reeeealy slowly. I swear he was trying to take his time to make me pay more.

When I was dropped off I had to carry everything to my apartment (about a 2min walk...and then up to the top floor). The boys were busy so I had no choice but to take it all myself. It was a challenge, but I actually managed. So dead right now, but at least no one could have stolen my groceries. ;)

I have unpacked everything, and I'm now relaxing a little. My external hard drive is backing up my files. It's so cute! (mini sized)

It was just raining before but it now appears to be sunny again. Florida weather is like being in a shower. Hot, sticky, watery.
Somehow I am coping?

Right now however, I have a huge headache. I think I'm going to take something, have a rest and then make some dinner. From some of the stuff I bought. The problem is - what do I want to eat?!

Oh and I have a correction to make - one of my flatmates is actually from Puerto Rico. She speaks Spanish :D

You should see my cupboards. Lots of nice healthy stuff. Ya'll should be proud. :)

Here is the link to my apartment tour ...

Also here are the newest photos




  1. Hey Kimmie,
    I stumbled across your blog via the WDWIP forums. Just wanted to say, keep up the blogging and thanks! I am planning on applying for Disney in 2012, so it's cool to hear about your adventures, especially since you are an NZer like me :)

  2. Yes, I will keep blogging :). I actually enjoy the blogging.

    Hopefully what I write will help you. :)

  3. how fun to see you flat!! hope you are not melting in the heat
    luv Anita

  4. I am *coping* in the heat. I need to drink more water though. It's just the water here taste a bit yucky, so I'm going to have to buy some bottled water